TOPSFLO Magnetic Gear Pump for Raw Milk Vending Machine


   Raw milk vending machine dispenses milk collected from cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep, it consists of an automatic dispenser which dispenses “raw milk” to a container/bottle after successful payment from the end-user. Some vending machines also provide container/bottle with the milk for easy buying. The raw milk is directly sold to customers at farm in countries such as France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Lithuania, Ireland and the U.K. The major countries that have adopted raw milk vending machine include Italy, France, Romania,Germany, the U.K., Slovakia, Slovenia and Czech Republic. The key reason for adoption of raw milk vending machine was due to the revisions in regulations of respective countries regarding raw milk sale.Furthermore, majority of end-users in these countries prefer drinking raw milk and consuming raw milk related products due to their nutritional benefits. 

    Raw milk vending machine technological research is focused on solving problems related to the management of unpasteurized milk sales, especially for the safety, healthy and cleaning of the machine, simple operation, less daily maintain work, continuous supply reliable and quality guarantee. Our company have good cooperate relationship with some of most famous Europe raw milk machine supplier in recently years. TOPSFLO MG Magnetic Gear Pump is perfectly suit for this special market, details as follows:

● FDA certificated,all wetted material is food grade, which is very suit for the raw milk vending industry for health and safety requirement. 
● SS316 precise build pump housing, PEEK gears & PTFE sealing material, which is robust joint & leak-less.
● Simple internal construction and its small dimension makes it space save and less or maintenance free.
● High flow-rate and high pressure continuous working, self-priming, and precise working performance. Besides,more control and protect function are available.
● Lower noise level of vibration makes the vending machine possibly to widely apply in the residential districts.
● Low power consumption, save more electricity costs.
● Suit for wide working circumstance, environment temperature range from -10~50℃,and fluid temperature range -10℃ ≤T≤100  ( unless freezing)