"Dream together team, team building" Employees outdoor development training activities


With the development of TOPS Industry & Technology Co.,Ltd, the company employees more and more, the scale is becoming more and more big.Also a piece of iron, which can be saw in harmony wear and tear, can also be battle-hardened;The same team, can be mediocre, can also be promising.In order to improve the old and new staff team cooperation ability, increase mutual affection, May 30, 2015, TOPS Industry & Technology Co.,Ltd, organized the new and old employees "west point" theme of outdoor development training activities.
Promotional activities in changsha national defense education bases, the west point military training in the morning and afternoon for the team to break the ice forming, inspiring life, make haste to 60 seconds, challenge the NO. 1, the training of the project such as difficult mission, led the staff through training, discussion, games, the actual simulation, make the students get the following results:

►will make students indestructible, faith, and a good state of mind
►to promote team members and the understanding, communication and collaboration between departments
►build employee crisis consciousness and sense of urgency
►understand responsibility and bear
►cultivate employee loyalty and dedication
►improve team cohesion and execution, improve team effectiveness;

In Topsflo for future development, people-oriented, to take care of the worker to work on details of life and substance, continuously carry out rich and colorful knowledge skills training and worker cultural activities, constantly cultivate, temper, and shaping the worker team spirit, dedication, innovative spirit, to further enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of the enterprise, promote enterprise healthy and rapid development.
Although activity ended, but for the influence of "Topsflo people" is far from over, is a powerful and profound.This outdoor development training activity, is a baptism for employees, is to further advance our go all out to do all the work of the power, it is not just a simple outdoor promotional activities, but a kind of culture, a kind of spirit and a concept of transfer, is more of a thinking, a kind of enlightenment