TOPSFLO High Pressure Brushless Double-head Diaphragm Pump for Ventilator Industry Application


As the number of infections continues to increase, the global epidemic prevention and control situation is tightening, and the demand for life-saving medical equipment is also increasing. Recently, European ventilator manufacturer customers who have been maintaining a cooperative relationship have increased their orders for TMD40A-F double-head brushless diaphragm gas pumps for the production of ventilators.
Compared with the ordinary home appliance industry, the particularity of the medical industry and the current market demand for ventilators determine that the parts used for ventilators need to have the characteristics of high safety, high reliability, and high efficiency. TOPSFLO pump industry is a domestic high standard The manufacturer of the direct current micro pump has perfect production conditions and strict production requirements, and also has a strict system for product quality control.

First of all, the production environment of the TOPSFLO factory meets the medical-grade production conditions:
1. Professional ESD static control digital workshop, to avoid the damage of static electricity to electronic components, improve the reliability of the product, and the yield rate;
2. Constant temperature and humidity control in the production workshop to avoid the influence of temperature and humidity on production and storage, and to achieve specific production and storage conditions;
3. The fresh air system is used to filter outdoor dust, haze, bacteria and other particles to ensure the absolute cleanliness of the production workshop, so that the production environment of the product is absolutely assured, and each pump is absolutely safe to use.

TOPSFLO TMD40A-F brushless diaphragm ventilator pump, in order to ensure safety, uses food-grade safe production raw materials, sourced globally, and can be traced back to the original factory; all micro brushless DC pumps have passed high standards and strict processes The US FDA inspection, EU RoHS inspection and CE inspection comply with international safety standards and eliminate all materials harmful to the human body. It can be used in food, medical, medical beauty, chemical, automotive and other industries with absolute confidence.
Finally, TOPSFLO Pump TMD40A-F DC diaphragm air pump has a highly optimized heat dissipation structure and a patented diaphragm structure, which has good heat dissipation and wear resistance. The overall design is reasonable, compact, high performance, low power consumption, long life of the pump, maintenance-free and low vibration, which can effectively ensure the stable operation of medical equipment.
According to the specific application field of the ventilator, it can also tailor options for the specific needs of safety, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, size, vibration, control, motor, voltage, noise, etc., to ensure that it is in use Maximize the role of the product.

The strict control of
TMD40A-F High Pressure DC brushless diaphragm air pump not only reflects the TOPSFLO pump industry's "product is character, quality is life, strict control of product quality, so that every pump of TOPSFLO can be used with absolute peace of mind." The quality concept of TOPSFLO pumps is also the awe of life of TOPSFLO pump industry. It is the attitude of TOPSFLO pump industry to make every high-quality pump achieve the smooth and safe operation of the ventilator every time, and respect every life.
Especially when the epidemic situation is tightening and the demand for ventilators is increasing, all members of the TOPSFLO pump industry must go all out to increase the supply of diaphragm air pumps with quality and quantity, help the production of ventilators, and contribute their own meagerness to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Power.