TOPSFLO TL-A02 get innovation in aquarium industry


Aquariums, also name ecological aquarium, It’s a kinds of container for aquatic animals and plants that are used for ornamental purposes. Aquarium breeding is also one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Almost 60 million people worldwide are enthusiastic.

There is a important core component in the aquarium is the water pump, fish tank submersible pump is generally used as a water filter exchange device set in the aquarium, the role is raise the fish tank water to the filter tank, and then through the various regions of the filter tank, and finally back to the tank, play a role in the cycle. .

mini  aquarium submersible pump

Because it is a submersible pump, so this pump must be submerged work in the water, can not let the pump run dry to avoid damage the pump body.

One of TOPSFLO long-term cooperation United States customer, use TL-A02 for aquarium water cycle, Recently, which customer feedback system automatic water circulation process sometimes no water, they need to increase run dry protection, so that the pump won’t damaged in the case of no water, TOPSFLO combination customer's actual situation, decided to adopt special MCU program for customer, after one month research and analysis, TOPSFLO electronic engineer redesigned the pump control program,  successfully customize the run dry protection for the pump, when it run dry, Pump speed is automatically reduced to stop, and every 5 minutes to restart 5 seconds to detect whether there have water, if there have water,the pump automatically resume full speed operation. This will protect the pump will not damage when long time transition wear without water, and will not cause overheating and damage .

mini aquarium submersible pump
In China, like this small size with small flow pump can successfully use the microcontroller and successful customize run dry protection ,TOPSFLO is the first originator in the industry , This is because TOPSFLO has a professional water pump development team, experienced engineers, Can continuously innovate and combine customer's actual demand analysis and provide effective solutions and tailor to achieve different functional requirements.Continuous innovation, pursuit quality always is the development concept of TOPSFLO. Under the condition of increasingly fierce industrial competition and market economy does not recover, Topsflo continuously improve the pump quality stability and competitiveness, base on Topsflo pump high quality and with the efficient & thoughtful service, Topsflo not only steady the cooperated customer, but also continuously win more and more new customer’s favor and recognition. In the water heater industry, Topsflo specialized water heater DC heat pump will achieve greater breakthrough and a larger market !