TOPSFLO September Staff Meeting and Mid-Autumn Festival activities


What would your ideal company be like? Leaders are gentle, colleagues are nice, work is pleasant, benefits are generous, and every day in the company is like being at home... Does such a company really exist? Let's see how TOPSFLO’s staff enjoy it!

On the afternoon of September 6th, the monthly staff meeting and the Mid-Autumn Festival party of TOPSFLO came as scheduled. The prosperous lanterns, the dazzling array of prizes, the delicious moon cakes, and the relaxed smiling faces of the TOPSFLO staff all gathered together into a warm atmosphere at the event.

1.Start from the heart, keep pace with the company

"An enterprise can only be more pleasant and efficient when a group of people with the same values are together, so as to create common and lasting value." At the meeting, deputy general manager He combined with the real case of the company's inspection, with the theme of "Starting from the heart, keep the pace together -- There is only one enterprise system standard" to do a wonderful share.

2.Based on the system, love and responsibility

What is home? Home is a place that gives people warmth, and home is a place to continue love and affection. TOPSFLO is a "home" full of great love. This "home" not only cares for all the staff, but also passes on this love to the their family members

As soon as the "Happy Family" system was announced, the staff in the audience were deeply shocked and moved. TOPSFLO cares for its employees so deeply! From marriage and childbirth, children entering school at various stages, parents' birthdays to moving to a new house, buying a new car... For every "happy event" in the employee's life, the company not only provides gifts and benefits, but also provides customized gifts and blessings.

3.The light of the beacon, light up our growth

The original intention and dream will closely connect the small partners from all over the world with the TOPSFLO family, and bring together the shining beacon of TOPSFLO. Under the guidance of this beam of light, TOPSFLO people follow all the way, chase the light, and become the light!

The dreams of many people set sail from TOPSFLO. After three, five and ten years of baptism, they have grown from innocence to maturity, from immaturity to responsibility.The two staffs who have been working for 10 years recall their stories in those days with emotion. On behalf of the company Mr. Wang, the founder of TOPSFLO, sincerely expressed his gratitude for their 10-year company.
The joining of new partners, the blessing of the birthday party, the happiness of the family. We feel the love and warmth again and again, and witness the growth again and again. In each milestone journey,because of the inflow of every beam of light, the light of this prairie fire becomes more and more dazzling.

At the end of the activity, all staffs toast together to cheers reunion,kicking off a ceremonial Mid-Autumn Festival.
Every staff meeting is full of emotion, joy and harvest. "Let employees achieve both material and spiritual happiness", this is the concept that TOPSFLO has adhered to and truly practiced for many years. Here, we harvest not only the present wonderful, more answers, I believe that has been in the heart of every people in TOPSFLO.