TOPSFLO Mid-Autumn Festival Welfare let’s feel the love from company


 With the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, to express company's concern and thank staff’s hard work, TOPSFLO provides Mid-Autumn Festival welfare to all employees in the afternoon of 21th September, at the same time also sent company’s fully concern, love and best wishes to all TOPSFLO colleagues.

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TOPSFLO has always attached great importance to the welfare work of the staff for many years. In traditional festivals such as Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year's Day, and Spring Festival, etc, TOPSFLO will provide thoughtful welfare gift.

This year the welfare items have Mid-Autumn moon cake, sauced duck and fruit. The welfare provided is according to the rank of integral system, the former get 2 boxes of moon cakes, a sauced duck, and a box of fruit. The others get a box of moon cake.

All of us get the love and warmth from our company when receive welfare gift, and very satisfied with the carefully selected gift, all in the warm and harmonious festive atmosphere. Mid-Autumn Festival welfare brings laughter to everyone, and also brings full of move.

All said will take company’s concern turn into the power, and make more contributions to TOPSFLO micro pump industry development in future work.

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