TOPSFLO high-efficiency liquid cooling water pump helps the well-known American company's supercharged piles sell well all over the world


In 2018, the charger industry achieved "4 minutes of charging continued driving mileage 100km";
in August 2021, it achieved "5 minutes of charging continued driving mileage 200km";
in April 2022, it achieved "5 minutes of charging continued driving mileage 300km";
In recent years, the supercharging pile industry has entered the fast lane of development, with technological innovation accelerating and the development momentum gaining momentum.
The partnership between TOPSFLO Pumps and American T Company, a well-known manufacturer of DC supercharger stacks for electric vehicles, began in 2017 and just happened to accompany and witness the rise of the industry. After more than five years of cooperation, from small-batch trial production to long-term strategic cooperation, the relationship between the two parties is as long and fragrant as old wine. In 2021, the liquid-cooled circulating water pump provided by TOPSFLO for the T Company's super-charging pile project was officially mass-produced, which added a powerful touch to the history of cooperation between the two parties.

Cooperation prelude
The titans always have the same vision
2022 is called the first year of construction of high-power liquid-cooled charging piles by many people. In fact, TOPSFLO Pumps has been researching the field of liquid cooling for charging piles for many years. As early as 2015, we started to provide cooling circulating water pump for Tesla and have more than 20 successful application cases in the industry.
In February 2017, T Company, a global leader in DC fast charging technology for electric vehicles (EVs), approached a TOPSLO engineer to inquire about a liquid cooling water pump for new energy EVs charger, because it learned that the well-known liquid cooling solution manufacturer is the TOPSFLO pump used by the commercial koolance company.
According to the customer's demand, the TOPSFLO Pump industry recommended the miniature brushless DC cooling pump TL-C01 for T company for the first time, and sent samples to the customer for testing. After several months of verification and testing, T company feedback that the TOPSFLO pump has high efficiency, long life and reliable quality, which can fully meet their project needs. Thus, the two parties began to cooperate with the liquid-cooled EV charging cooling pump.

Trust upgrade
Efficient customization helps new projects come to fruition

As DC fast chargers have been updated and iterated, TOPSFLO has actively responded to market changes by building a rigorous team of automotive electronics design experts and a complete development system that has introduced a large number of international advanced devices that can simulated and tailored to the customer's new development needs, to achieve efficient and accurate development.
In December 2019, T company sent an email to TOPSFLO engineers again, saying that its new project needed a liquid cooling circulating water pump. It is understood that the customer's new product is a 350KW super-charger , which has a compact design, a small footprint, and can be applied to any environment. This new project needs a small size, high safety performance liquid cooling circulating pump that can be used in the liquid maximum temperature of 85℃ and the environment maximum temperature of 70℃ working condition.
In response to the high demand of customers, TOPSFLO engineers recommended TA60 EV coolant water pump for its testing. In the first round of tests, the customer reported that the pressure of the water pump was relatively small, which did not achieve the expected effect. After in-depth communication with the customer, the structural engineer of TOPSFLO found that the internal pipeline of the customer's product is long and there are many bends, which cannot make the pump perform at its best, and immediately provided the customer with reasonable structural optimization suggestions and solutions.
After more than a year of testing, the customer sent feedback: TOPSFLO TA60 cooling water pump successfully matched the application requirements of T company's 350KW super charging pile! In February 2021, TOPSFLO TA60 water pumps began mass production and were used in customer projects. At present, T company's products have been sold to 41 countries, and tens of thousands of charging piles using TOPSFLO pumps are standing all over the world. The customer said that TOPSFLO pumps are not only reliable in performance, but also have good batch consistency. They choose to cooperate with TOPSFLO without any worries!

Advantage decryption
Forging high-quality liquid cooling water pumps with high standards in the automotive industry

The reason why TOPSFLO Pumps can stand out in the increasingly fierce market competition stems from the unremitting pursuit of technology and quality. The research and development process for TOPSFLO charger liquid cooling circulating pump strictly followed the automotive industry's highest IATF 16949 standards and selected automotive-grade electronic components to meet the cooling application requirements of high-power charge piles.
1. Environmental adaptability - with good temperature resistance. According to the technical requirements of charging piles, most of the working environment temperature is required to be between -20 °C and 50 °C. At present, the ambient temperature requirements of most powerful charger on the market are basically between -30 °C and 70 °C. The TOPSFLO TA60 E-car circulation pump can be started at an extremely low temperature of -45°C and is resistant to a high temperature of 100°C. TOPSFLO has four major professional and precision laboratories that meet the national CNAS standards. It performs reliability verification that is stricter than industry standards, and conducts cold and thermal shock tests for the whole machine and extreme temperature and temperature rise tests to ensure the excellent high and low temperature resistance of the pump.
2. Product reliability - with a long life. A high-quality charging pile can be used for 10 years or even longer, so the life expectancy of the water pump is also higher. Topsflo charging pile liquid cooling circulating water pump uses high efficiency DC brushless motor, korean-branded PPS housing, imported chips, high-precision silent rotors and a 30,000-hour lifespan, which is significantly higher than the average water pump on the market. Using internationally renowned brand name electronic components and uniquely designed PCB boards, professional high-temperature electronic solutions are designed for lower temperature rises and higher reliability.
In addition, TOPSFLO is one of the few companies in the domestic micro brushless DC pump industry that has obtained the international authoritative TÜV Rheinland ISO 9001 & IATF 16949 dual quality system certification. "Let every pump be used with absolute confidence".
3. Batch consistency - with high quality control standards. The charging pile industry has grown rapidly and has entered the mass production phase, so the requirements for product batch consistency are very high. TOPSFLO adopts the most advanced static management system in the industry to prevent, detect and eliminate static electricity, and avoid product electronic failure caused by potential static electricity; Only well-known suppliers were selected for key raw materials to ensure batch consistency across different batches of material; Automated equipment has been introduced from Japan, United States, Germany and other countries to build intelligent production lines where batch consistency of the process is highly efficient and guaranteed; it adopts 6 full inspection processes that are stricter than national standards, strictly follows the international quality system standards, and pursues quality "zero defect". Product defect rates can be as low as 1 in 1,000,000.
Under the global wave of intelligence, TOPSFLO is committed to providing its customers with products that are highly competitive, support 5V/PWM speed regulation, FG speed signal feedback, and can be matched with charging stacks of different powers, enabling automatic intelligent detection capabilities, support for failure alarms, real-time data feedback etc.

Since its establishment for 17 years, TOPSFLO Pumps has won a good reputation from customers for its high quality, and has reached stable and long-term cooperation with hundreds of well-known companies around the world, such as Tesla, Whirlpool, Flex, Kohler, GE, Roca, KTM, Geberit, etc. In the future, TOPSFLO will continue to conduct in-depth research and improve quality, provide more high-quality assured pumps for our customers, and escort high-efficiency liquid-cooled super charging piles and more industries!