Topsflo strictly follows EATON’s standard, implement the highest standard of safety and reliablility around the world


Recently, EATON placed orders to Topsflo again and recognized Topsflo’s efforts of providing professional micro pump solutions for 5 years. Topsflo reiterated that they will continue supporting EATON and strictly follow EATON’s standard, implement the highest standard of safety and reliability around the world.

EATON focuses on systems management to help customers manage electricity, fluid and mechanical power more efficiently and has an unparalleled record of providing world-class signal solutions for the oil and gas, marine, mining and industries. It currently has more than 99,000 employees worldwide and operates in more than 175 countries and areas.

Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump

In August 2011, Topsflo received an email from EATON’s Norwegian branch about the pump needs, and sent 20pcs micro pumps to them for tests. All pump samples passed rigorous tests very well. In the following 3 years, Topsflo offered 52pcs micro-pumps to EATON for real environmental testing, Topsflo pumps have been recognized by EATON engineers for its stable and reliable performance in the ocean and desert.

In April 2014, EATON officially placed the first batch order to Topsflo, which has opened the prelude to the cooperation between Topsflo and EATON.
EATON develops advanced camera-based surveillance systems for marine and oil&gas facilities around the world to provide security for people and equipment in hazardous areas and extreme conditions. Topsflo pumps are used for the camera cleaning machine in extreme areas and the micro pumps installed on the camera cleaning machine needs to endure the long-distance transportation, the violent bumps at sea, the high and low temperature environment in the desert. During the 5 yeas of cooperation, Topsflo pumps are perfect for all the environments and have never had any defects or failures. 

Topsflo said that they will continue controlling the quality of pumps strictly, supporting the development of EATON's globalization with perfect micro pumps, and looking forward to providing EATON with perfect micro pump solutions in more fields.