The biggest Cleaning Machine manufacture in the world- German Kärcher, visited TOPSFLO and had a depth discussion on technical issues


Recently, German Kärcher engineer team visited TOPSFLO, who have had technical discussion with TOPSFLO for gear pump use for Floor Cleaner with Suction application, finally reached the preliminary intention of cooperation.

Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump

German Kärcher
Kärcher was founded in 1935, who is the world's largest suppliers of cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions, Kärcher is the inventor of Europe's first hot-water high-pressure cleaning machine.At present, Kärcher has established more than 100 branches in more than 60 countries and regions, with more than 11,900 employees from more than 130 countries and regions.
Over the past 84 years, Kärcher group rely on advanced R&D system,who has more than 3000 product series include family and horticultural products, industrial products, hotel and professional cleaning products, special professional products in industry, government and military products, environmental protection technology, cleaner and accessories such as various types of products, and won more than 2500 patent and registered design.

It is reported that, previously, Karcher has been using a European brand of metering pumps for the cleaner. Because the liquid is detergent, the metering pumps are often stuck which causes the pump can not work. After testing TOPSFLO gear pump actually to find that the advantages of the pump as follow:

1. At the same volume and parameters, the pressure is 50% higher than the general pump in the market

2. Wide range of extractable media, special liquids such as detergent and oil can be extracted
3. High mold precision; Gear pump batch consistency is high

4. Longer life and low noise level

5. The product meets NSF certification

In view of the above advantages, after fully communicating with TOPSFLO's  R & D engineers, the technical manager of Karcher decided to add TOPSFLO gear pumps as the first choice for testing on other new products. Later, TOPSFLO will also provide five new gear pumps for Karcher as test samples.
TOPSFLO, which has always been driven by innovation, will also meet the new technology needs of Karcher customers and provide them with comprehensive technical support; TOPSFLO, which strives to serve the world's high-end customers with German quality, as always, will provide partners with industry-leading micropump solutions and share advanced micropump results with partners.