TOPSFLO TL-B09 warm mattress water pump got a roaring reputation


With the advent of winter, sales of warm mattress water pumps are entering the peak season, TOPSFLO received a repeat order of 18,000 units TL-B09 pump from a cooperation customer this month . 
The customer is pleased to tell us that " Since we use TOPSFLO TL-B09 pumps, our warm mattress products are warmly welcomed by markets, the pumps’ quiet noise makes our customers much satisfied, especially with very good consistency in batches, the noise is totally meet our demands, so we do not have to worry about the pump quality any more. Looking in the past when use other water pumps, we always encountered many noise problems, we need do further tests piece by piece to pick out the pumps with noise problems which defective ratio always above 25%, after picking out then can do product assembly, which is very time-consuming job and difficult for our production, and repeated communication with supplier is also a big headache thing, in particular, some pump can’t figure out the noise problem at the first time, but after 2 to 3 months of operation in our products, then the pump’s noise become bigger, so we have received complaints from consumers, such complaints will definitely cause our brand reputational loss! The good thing is that after using TOPSFLO water pumps, these problems have all been solved now, and our market share has increased from the previous 20% to 30% this year ! "
The customer’s praise also makes us very happy, and it is convinced that TOPSFLO’s  pursuit of quality can make more and more customers truly benefit and take away the quality doubts on Chinese made water pumps.  
Why TOPSFLO TL-B09 can receive such good praise from markets?  Why the normal markets’ pumps have the troubles that the customer says: the batch order noise is in bad consistency, part of them is bigger than required, and have to select to use?  Why some products’s noise suddenly become bigger after using 2-3 months ?
This is because the market’s normal rotors are adopting 2 or 3 times the processing, the concentricity of the sleeve is not high accuracy, then noise can not be consistent, after a long period of running in hot water mattress, the concentricity of the sleeve will further expands and the noise increases.  Another risk is if the kind of rotor running for a long time under high temperature, the graphite sleeve will come loose and possible getting final fall off , so the noise suddenly increase is just a prelude of rotor problems.
Then how TOPSFLO pump rotor is produced and assure the quality?
TOPSFLO Pump rotor is adopting high-precision one-time injection molding, using imported materials, high-precision Japan injection molding machine and one-time injection molding processing . The advantages of this rotor are : a) there is no risk even for 100C high temperature for long-term running; b) the overall accuracy of products concentric degree will not change after a long term running time, so the product batch noise is very low & stable for long term, the overall performance is very stable. Of course, TOPSFLO high precision rotor is the fruitful achievements made by project teams’ continuous research, development and testing for more than 2 years, which is the first & newest innovation in pump industry, also thanks to company's great emphasis and constant input & support on scientific innovation and pioneering.
Below are the comparison pictures of TOPSFLO rotor and the market’s ordinary rotor , you can easily see the differences:

mini quiet warm mattress water pump
TOPSFLO will always pursuit to go forward on the road of high-quality, accumulate step by step , do strictly in every detail , with our reliable good quality to achieve customer brands’ reputation. TOPSFLO families, let’s keep on going and create more and more satisfaction cooperation with our customers !