Typical Application-TOPSFLO Brushless DC Centrifugal Pumps


Typical Application-TOPSFLO Brushless DC Centrifugal Pumps

With prominent features in long lifetime, low noise, silence, 24-hour continuous work, maintenance-free, brushless DC centrifugal pumps have been more widely applied and recognized in industrial applications and supporting in all walks of life, also have been used to instead for brushed DC pumps and AC pumps more and more. The typical applications of TOPSFLO Brushless DC Pump are as follows.

1. Auto water pump TA50&TA60

Features: low power consumption, long life, no leaks, wide enduring temperature range: -40-120.

Application: Automotive electronic water pump, parking heater pump, per-heater pump, car heater circulation pump, automobile engine cooling pumps, turbo boosting electric pumps, battery circulation cooling pump, auto heater system electronic pumps, motorcycles circulation electronic pumps, hybrid vehicles water pump, automotive electric water pump


2. Solar Water Pumps
TS5&TD5, TL-B10,

Features: energy saving, low start-up power less then 1W, wide working voltage,  with additional protection functions such as over-voltage, over - current, blocked protection, dry-running protection.

Application: Solar brushless DC pump, solar heat pumps, solar circulating pump, solar fountain pumps, solar booster pumps, photovoltaic solar pumps, Wide-Voltage Circulating pump, 3V/ 5V/ 12V/ 24V/ 48V brushless pump, solar submersible pumps, solar Micro pumps, solar irrigation DC pumps, solar energy pond water pump, large flow-rate DC pumps, splitting solar water pumps, wall-mounted solar water pumps, flat plate solar water pump


3. Food-Grade Water Pump TL-A03&TL-B03&TL-B10,&TL-C01

Features: food grade standards, long-term work under high temperature 100.

Application: dishwasher pump, coffee pump, juice brushless pumps, commercial dispenser hot water pumps, commercial dishwasher brushless pumps, water dispenser pumps / drinking pump, kitchen appliance pumps, household electrical appliances pumps,

4. Water Heating Mattress pump

Features: ultra-quiet, long life, high temperature resistance.

Application: Water Cooling mattress pumps, water mattress mute pump, ultra-quiet DC pumps, Water heating mattress pump, car seat pump, water heating mattresses Mute pumps, air conditioning water heating mattress pump, air conditioning pumps, micro mute pumps, silent/mute brushless pump

5. Computer Cooling Pump

Features: silence, powerful head pressure

Application: Computer pumps, computer cooling pump, CPU water cooling pumps, Computer circulating pump, computer water cooling pumps, computer water pumps with speed adjustment function 0-5V or PWM

6. Water Heater Booster Pump TL-B01& TL-C01

Features: safety, energy saving, compact size, long life, convenient adjustment.

Application: Water heaters booster pump, water heaters brushless  pump, Portable/mobile water heater pump, portable shower machine water pump, shower/bathing machine brushless dc pumps, water heaters DC pumps, instant water heater brushless DC booster pumps, DC pipeline booster pump, miniature pipeline booster pump, three-phase brushless DC booster pump


7. Chillers Water Pump TL-C01&TL-C14

Features: stable booster, low noise, long life, compact size

Application: Chillers water pump, laser machine water pump, machine cooling water pump, carving machine cooling water pumps, medical equipment cooling water pumps, beauty equipment cooling pumps,

8. Air Conditioning Cooling Water Pump TL-B04&TL-B10

Features: long life, stable performance, low failure rate

Application: Communications equipment circulating pump, cabinets circulating pump, communication base station drainage pump, machine cycle cooling pump, circulating cooling water pumps, health care equipment

9. Floor Heating Circulating Water Pump TL-B08&TL-B10&TS5

Features: high temperature resistance, silence

Application: Wall-mounted stove pump, stove silent pump, floor heating blanket silence pumps, electric heating boiler pump, hot water circulation pump,


10Special Purposes Applications

Acid and alkali resistant micro water pumps, micro DC submersible pumps, high-temperature resistant brushless pumps, petrol / diesel / kerosene resistant micro DC pumps, wear-resistant micro pump

11. Special Structure:

Closed impeller pumps, ceramic shaft bearing brushless DC pump, brushless centrifugal pumps, graphite bearing DC pumps

12. Special Functions:

Dry-running production DC water pump, variable speed brushless pump, constant wattage brushless DC pump, wide working voltage DC pumps, brushless pump with over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection DC pumps, pump with over-current protection

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