Advantages of TOPSFLO new type TS5 home brewing & solar pump


TS5 water pump is a type of Topsflo independent R&D brushless centrifugal DC pumps, hot sell in all over the world. This pump can be widely used in the industries of solar energy, home brew, etc. Recently, Topsflo made some modification & improvement for  the pump structure and performance base on the old type TS5 pump according to customers using feedback, greatly improved the pumps comprehensive performance and customer satisfaction.

The new type main advantages compare the old type TS5 water pumps as below: 
1. With higher quality & more stable performance: more than 80% raw materials & and electronic components are imported, such as Japanese XYRON PPE from original factory, ATMEL chip, Honeywell induction, MELEXIS ST, Samsung, etc.
2. The design for the pump rotor is more proper for brewing application than old type TS5 water pumps: the hole diameter for the rotor is bigger than old type TS5, which can avoid the pump stuck by the wort after a period of time using. Use one-piece injection process for the rotor & impeller(open-type impeller) , which confirm the pump with better stability and coordination, lower noise(≤42dB @ 0.3m ), better high temperature- resistance.
3. The pump can match the 17V solar panels directly, and automatically adjust to matching work. The pump will adjust itself internally to maintain the performance constant (the flow rate and water head are constant, the current is smaller). Panels will not be affected, the battery will stop charging automatically when charging saturated.
4. The pump inlet & outlet are stainless steel thread connection. 
5. The pump inner structure & PCBA design are more advanced, can special customize the 0-5V / PWM speed control, and FG signal wire function.
6. For same item no., the new type TS5 water pumps’ efficiency improved about 20% than old type TS5 pumps.
7. Since the new type TS5 water pumps use new materials, the delivery date for batch orders is about 2-3 weeks faster than old type TS5 pumps. 
Below are the parameters for new type TS5 high temperature circulation pump(home brewing pump)

ModelTS5 high temperature circulation pump

New type TS5 solar pump parameters as below:

ModelTS5/PV solar pump

Many old cooperation partners tested the new type TS5 water pumps and confirmed the batch orders already, some of the customers received the first small batch products and start to using, with very positive using feedback. At present, this product enter into the stable batch production stage. Topsflo trust that the new type TS5 pumps will help the customers win more & more market, and better improve customer using satisfaction. The staff of Topsflo will make persistent efforts, always remember and persist in the quality policy of “By the spirit of craftsman, setting up the micro pump industry’s benchmark, building up the international high quality. Excellence, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement”. To provide customers high quality products and the best service, to realize the maximum win-win cooperation between Topsflo and customers!