Learning from Lei Feng in March TOPSFLO Yongji Nursing Home Charity Activities


In the spring of March, the warmth surges. In order to better practice the spirit of Lei Feng and carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation of respecting and loving the elderly. On the occasion of the 60th "Learning from Lei Feng Memorial Day", the "Caring for the Elderly and Preventing Falls" event jointly organized by Jinghuan Community and TOPSFLO Pump Industry was successfully held in Yongji Nursing Home for the Elderly in Yuhua District.

"Grandma, how old are you this year? Are you in good health?" On the morning of March 4, the TOPSFLO love group came to Yongji Nursing Home for the Elderly with supplies such as nutrition and daily necessities. As soon as they entered the door, everyone enthusiastically chatted with the old people, learned about their daily life and recent health conditions, and told the old people to take good care of their bodies. The normally quiet nursing home suddenly became lively, full of laughter and warmth.

Led by the volunteers, the love group also visited several centenarians in the hospital and gave them well-prepared gifts. "I'm really happy that you came to see me. Thank you!" A centenarian grandmother said excitedly, holding everyone's hands tightly.

During the event that day, the company also specially invited Lu Chuan, Director of the First Division of Rehabilitation of Yongji Hospital, to give a lecture on "prevention of falls" to the elderly, guide the elderly to master healthy living skills, and improve the awareness of preventing falls among the elderly. The old people listened with great interest and expressed that they had benefited a lot.

Respecting the elderly, loving them, being filial to them, and caring for them are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the common responsibility of the whole society. This event coincided with the Lei Feng Day, TOPSFLO practiced the spirit of Lei Feng with practical actions, and sent care and warmth to the elderly.

Helen He, the vice general manager of TOPSFLO pump industry, introduced that this activity is the embodiment of TOPSFLO's love charity campaign plan. The company gathers employees' monthly personal sports achievements into a team love activity fund and encourages employees to actively participate in social charity activities. In the future, the company will continue to carry out such activities, continuously enhance employees' awareness of social service, enhance the company's sense of social responsibility, and spread this spirit of great love to help form a better social atmosphere.