TOPSFLO Emphasizes on Environmental Protection Asists in New Energy Development


As as an internationally renowned manufacturer, it is reported that TOPS INDUSTRY AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED has always taken creating enterprise "green chain" as a goal. Consequantly, TOPSFLO strvies to undertake corporate social responsibility, focuses on environmental protection and clean energy, achieves the company's green manufacturing, customer's green consumption, TOPSFLO brand’s green development, finally builds a new model "green chain" which covers mini-pump raw materails supliers, manufacturers and users for stable development.

TOPSFLO "green chain", attaches great importance to green and sustainable development of the whole industry. TOPSFLO not only adopts clean&green production process by its own, but also passes the GREEN IDEA to the entire upstream and downstream industry chain. By put forwarding clear requests in procurement and production system, TOPSFLO prefer to choose those suppliers&partners who pay attention to environmental protection.

Meanwhile, TOPSFLO will also actively cooperates with clean energy, clean power producers, to provide qualified solutions for micro-pump and assist new energy development. It was in 2013 that a Danish client who produces and develop methane new energy vehicle, got in touch with TOPSFLO, hoping us to provide a high temperature miniature car circulating pump which can reach a long-term internal liquid temperature 160 and can still be used normally. In the feild, there only exists car cooling pump withstanding highest liquid temperature 120 . Obviously, it is a though task for all car circulating pump manufacturers to develop a model to withstand 160.

However, TOPSFLO confidently accepts the challenge by adhering to goal of "create a world-class micropump brand" and the concept of supporting the development of new green energy concept this time. By tireless technology research, ultimately TOPSFLO successfully develop the high temperature mini car circulating pump withstanding 160 liquid and working reliably, with TOPSFLO’s outstanding technique and reliable product quality. Now this high temperature miniature car circulating pump has been successfully applied in clients’ new energy vehicles. It is a new product for TOPSFLO, also a progress for the industry.

As a well-known leader among micro pumps enterprises, TOPSFLO will continue to give full play to take the leading role for sustainable development and the rational and efficient use of resources. TOPSFLO will continue to focus on environmental protection, to provide a strong technical support for micropump customers at home and abroad, and to make contribution to a green earth.