Experience the beautiful and magical land, TOPSFLO business elite five-day trip to Xishuangbanna


Remember the beautiful North Sea? In April last year, all the staff of Topsflo’s sales department left a happy figure in the North Sea. Memories of that time were still fresh. Again, we went to the beautiful Xishuangbanna this June.

In 2020, under the unfavorable conditions of the epidemic, TOPSFLO Pumps grew again against the trend and achieved gratifying results. In 2021, with the strong cooperation of R&D, production and other departments, the business department is very energetic, not only won many added by old customers, but also successfully won a Fortune 500 customer. The company's annual performance increased by more than 30% and its total performance projects reached a record high last year.In recognition of the hard work of our business department, we had a 5 day and 5 night luxury journey in Xishuangbanna at the end of June.

Xishuangbanna is well known as "the place where the dreams begin" ...Now, please follow the steps of the friends of Topsflo to experience the dreamlike Xishuangbanna!

A journey to enjoy wonderful scenery and tasty food together

What is the most unforgettable thing about travel? The beautiful views and delicious food for sure!
On the first day, we went to visit the Tropical Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a 5A-level scenic spot. It is also the largest botanical garden in China with the most abundant outdoor cultivated and preserved plants, and has become the" Noah's Ark" for the rescue and preservation of rare and endangered tropical plants. More than 13,000 kinds of tropical plants are scattered in 35 special gardens, such as Hundred Gardens, Banyan Tree Garden, Ethnic Botanical Garden, Exotic Flower Garden, Celebrity Tree Garden, Rare and Endangered Plant Ex situ Reserve, etc., forming a gorgeous three-dimensional picture. In this botanical garden, there are the Asian king lotus that can carry a weight of 60 kilograms, the big linden trees whose tops are invisible, the iron wood planted by the former Prime Minister Li Peng decays ago, the statues of Professor Cai Xitao and his disciples, and various kinds of indescribable tropical plants.

On the second day, we experienced the Dai customs together. A thousand years ago, the king of Dai built a beautiful imperial garden for his beautiful queen. Thousands of years later, we walked into this magic place, smelled the fragrance in the air and seem to be able to see the beauty sitting in the pavilion in the distance.

When you come to Xishuangbanna, how could you miss tasting the local delicacies together? The peacock is already beautiful enough, and the skillful hands of the Dai family can make the feast of entertaining guests into a peacock shape, which is called the peacock-shape feast. Visually, you can feel this rare beauty, gustatory, you can taste this unique local cuisine, with a strong aroma of the lemongrass Come on, have a feast with Topsflo guys together!

A cultural popularization journey

If you think that Xishuangbanna only has Dai culture, then you are wrong. There are one-third of the Han nationality, one-third of the Dai nationality, and one-third of other nationalities. It is known as the meeting of six countries, and the intersection of different cultures forms a unique and charming Xishuangbanna. On the third day, we witnessed a cultural feast. The actors let us experience the unique cultural charm of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Nepal through dance, which is so amazing!

If you have children in school, be sure to take them to see the tropical rainforest in Xishuangbanna. The knowledge that cannot be learned or remembered in books will be unforgettable for a lifetime here.

Do you know the name of the section of the Mekong River in China? Do you know what the 8 wonders of the rainforest are? On the fourth day, Topsflo's staff were here to truly feel the traces of the earth's pulsation. Seeing the diversity of animals and plants, in order to compete for sunlight and nutrients, plants are engaged in a daily power struggle.

A soul cleaningsing journey

On the fifth day, we experience the Buddhist culture of Xishuangbanna. Everyone here believes in Buddhism, and each village has a Buddhist temple, and thousands of them are under the jurisdiction of the general Buddhist temple. The Buddhist and the architecture is exquisite majestic. The devotion to the faith also makes the folk customs here simple. Seeing all kinds of bustling, the restless heart can be washed here. The blue sky, white clouds, rainforest, and fresh breed make people wonder, what exactly are we looking for? What is right as a human being? It turns out that TOPSFLO's corporate culture is so far-sighted! As long as you have the perseverance, you can get where you want to go.

The best way to live is to run on the ideal road with a group of like-minded people. The five-day happy journey to Xishuangban has come to a successful end. Take a short rest, let go of your heart, and find your future direction. Next, bigger dreams and farther journeys are waiting for us! We believe that all the business staff will return to the work with more enthusiasm and work hard, and continue to write a more brilliant chapter for themselves and TOPSFLO! Looking forward to next year, they set off to a wider world together!