TOPSFLO study sharing session


On August 20,2021, TOPSFLO <Simply Brilliant> study sharing session of “Read a Book together” activity in Jiapu Business School officially held in everyone's expectation.

The study sharing session shared the book of <Simply Brilliant> together by every reading groups in this month. The author of this book Fergus O'Connell who is one of the world’s leading authorities on project management and getting things done in the shortest possible time. In this book, he mainly writes seven concepts to achieve minimalism, includes:
1.Many things are simple
2.Know what you’re trying to do
3. There is always a sequence of events
4.Things don’t get done if people don’t do
5.Things rarely turn out as expected
6.Things either are or they aren’t
7.Look at things from others’ points of view. It is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their efficiency and happiness in life.

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Every Jiapu students always insisted on reading for half an hour every day and shared with each other in the group once a week. After a month of reading, everyone has said that they have benefited a lot from this book. There are some tools can be applied to our daily work, such as ”Public relations of elevator”, ”The dance card”, ”The 80–20 rule”, “Top 10 risk list” and so on, which can effectively simplify our work and greatly improve the work efficiency.

At the scene of sharing session, the four reading groups firstly showed their high spirits in the team morale display. And each one exchanged their own reading notes and reading methods. Then, Several students shared their feelings about reading this book. In the PPT presentation part, each group deeply analyzed the specific application of the concept of this book in the work. At last, everyone enjoyed and conveyed the joy of success in the awards.

In every part of the sharing session, everyone showed excellent and confident performance. Especially in the team PPT exhibition part, the speaker of each group shared in-depth understanding of the book <Simply Brilliant> and analyzed the application of the concept in the book to work and life.

The group of the sales department combined several important concepts in the book with small stories in work and life to interpret. The vivid and interesting explanation of speaker caused bursts of laughter and warm applause from time to time, let everyone still being immersed. The group of the engineering department combined the concept in the book with the daily work. By using the tools mentioned in the book, they improved their template of weekly plan which promoted the completion rate of the weekly plan of the members of the team. Now the template of the weekly plan has been implemented across departments of the company and won widely recognized.

In the end, the group of the sales department won the champion of the study sharing session with excellent performance and results, and they also won the reading fund of 1000 yuan awarded by the company. Through such a positive reading activities, hope we can read more books and read good books together.
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Over the years, TOPSFLO has been practicing the business philosophy of “Creating both spiritual and material happiness for staff ”. Therefore, Jiapu Business School has launched a monthly "Reading a Book Together" study sharing activity, which has continued to this day. We continue to learn, continue to improve. By reading each book carefully, we apply the knowledge learned in the book to our own work and life. It can not only promote the common growth of employees, but also create a good corporate atmosphere to create a century-old enterprise with soul. That is also the significance of TOPSFLO insisted on reading a book together by all staff.

This study sharing session rounded off with warm applause. The end of each sharing session doesn’t represent the end of the "Read a Book Together" activity. This month, TOPSFLO is reading the book of <Who Are You Working For>. Not sure what kind of spark does this book will collide with the TOPSFLO’s friends again? Please look forward to the next study sharing session of TOPSFLO!