World Noise Day: Say "No" to Noise. TOPSFLO is committed to "Let the world enjoy the quiet pumps"


Quiet Water Circulation Pump
Home, as the last pure land and "quiet" land, should allow people to relax and enjoy quietness. However, according to big data analysis, more than half of people’s noise pollution comes from daily life: water heater starts and runs, toilet flushes and air conditioning runs. Faced with this situation, most of the home appliance products launched by major appliance brands in recent years have promoted :water heater, quiet! Smart toilet, quiet! Air conditioning, quiet! water heater mattress, super quiet!

When the pursuit of quiet has become a common demand, it becomes extremely important to solve the problem of noise sources in the product. As a core product for conveying fluids or pressurizing fluids, micro pumps have been widely used in household appliances as an indispensable component in recent years. In some home appliances, whether the micro brushless DC pump is sufficiently silent directly affects the quiet effect of the product, and the quality of the micro pump is the key to whether the product will increase the operating noise after long-term use.

As a company integrating R&D/manufacturing/sales and focusing on the micro pump for 16 years, TOPSFLO has been paying attention to the quiet problem of micro pumps for more than ten years, and is committed to helping major domestic and foreign high-end home appliance brands to achieve ultra-quiet home appliance. In 2019, TOPSFLO once again upgraded the ultra-quiet water heater mattress pump and launched a new product----TL-C03. This product uses a DC magnetic drive three-phase motor, patented silent suspension rotor, and achieved a noise of <25dB (A). This shows that when this pump is running, the sound produced by this pump is lighter than the sound of turning a book, and only slightly higher than the sound of falling leaves. This noise is 5-10dBA lower than the industry average.
Quiet Warm Mattress Hot Water Circulation Pump

In mid-2019, a high-end water heating mattress manufacturer in South Korea contacted our sales engineer, hoping to find a micro brushless DC water pump suitable for high-end water heating mattresses in TOPSFLO. As a household electrical appliance for heating Mattress, the water heater mattresses help improve people’s sleep quality. Because its running time is mostly at night, the quiet effect of the pump is very strict, and the main role of the micro brushless DC water pump in the water heater mattress,which is delivered to all parts of the mattress through pressurization to maintain the warmth, which has a very high test of the quiet effect of the water pump when it is running. After understanding the specific needs of Korean customers, the sales engineers of TOPSFLO recommended the ultra-quiet micro brushless DC water pump-TL-C03, and provided them with samples to test.

After receiving the samples, the Korean customer conducted a 7-month practical experiment, and finally expressed that they were very satisfied with the quietness and stability of the TL-C03 operation, and also fed back the parameters such as the flow rate, head, noise value and the product of the TL--C03. The specifications can completely replace the pump they used before.

TOPSFLO has always taken "Let the world enjoy the quiet pump" as its corporate mission, has been working hard to accomplish this mission for a long time. From material selection to production, from R&D concept to quality concept, we keep improving and surpassing our products, and strive to provide our customers with quieter micro pumps. TOPSFLO also hopes to reject "invisible pollution" through a small silent pump, so that more families can enjoy meditation life.