TOPSFLO Workshop 1:Professional PVC dust-proof & anti-static floor to ensure the safety of products


Quality comes from details, we are glad we've been doing this for so many years, every detail as fully as possible to establish high requirement and standard at the starting point. The floor laying and materials selection of the new workshop also adopt high standard:

1. Adopt specialized electronic workshop high-grade PVC anti-static & dust-proof & moisture-proof and wear-resistant floor.


2. For matching adhesive, only taken the German Henkel professional anti - static adhesive instead of the domestic ordinary brand ,

3. For copper foil laying, taken the higher density 40cm*40cm standard far better than ordinary 1M*1M specification ones. 

Based on the above high quality material selection and high standards for the PVC floor, although the total cost is twice as high as the epoxy resin floor, but for the product itself, it is our best commitment and guarantee to our customers to truly realize the entire control and production of clean, dust-proof and anti-static no dangerous. For all our actions and doing, we always keep our initial heart, build Topsflo brand with high-end quality level, this also the promise to maintain the dignity of the customer brand from long term.