Build Ingenuity and Keep the Original Heart │ The August Staff Meeting of Topsflo Production Line was Successfully Held


Changsha in August, the heat wave is rolling; Topsflo in August is in full swing. In order to further improve the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the production team, strengthen the construction of corporate culture, encourage and commend advanced employees, and stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees, the production line of Topsflo micro pump held a grand staff meeting on the afternoon of August 12th.

You Zefeng, the production supervisor of Topsflo presided over the meeting, summarized and commented on the work results of the production line in June and July. Supervisor You emphasized the following four points in his speech: Firstly, safety comes first. Talking about efficiency without safety is meaningless; Secondly, to ensure quality. Product quality is the lifeline of an enterprise, everyone does their own work well, is an important guarantee of quality. Thirdly, to ensure the delivery time and achieve rapid response and commitment to customers’ needs; The fourth is to control the production cost, reduce the scrap rate, and strive to create profits for the company. All in all, on the premise of ensuring safe production, with the lowest production cost, the production tasks to be completed in time, with high quality and quantity.

Afterwards, the staff award ceremony started with the warm anticipation of everyone. There will be a group of outstanding employees in the Topsflo production line every month. They love their jobs and work overtime; they are meticulous and insist on high quality; they share selflessly and teach new staff; they actively cooperate, and keep the overall interests in mind. They are doing repetitive work in ordinary positions, but their light shines more brightly than the sun of August. Hope every Topsflo people follow their examples, constantly draw strength and write their own brilliant chapter in their respective posts.

Employee anniversaries are always heartwarming! As Mrs Dai, who is on the ninth anniversary of her entry, said, just ask for a little progress every day, time will definitely allow you to gain a better version of yourself! One year, three years, eight years or ten years, every production line partner who is determined to walk side by side with Topsflo, step by step, condensed into badges with sweat and tears. Here, it beard their youth, witnesses their growth, and records their glory. Today we celebrate them! At the meeting, an induction ceremony for new employees was also held. The addition of new blood and the persistence of old employees together build the most solid force of Topsflo production line!

The sweetest part of the convention must be the birthday party. With flowers and red envelopes in their hands, they felt the love and care of the company and their families, and were deeply moved. After the meeting, all the production line staff shared a delicious lobster dinner, which further brought each other together and dissipated the pressure of work and life. So far, the production line monthly activities has come to a successful conclusion!

Everyone plant trees and trees in forest, everyone plant flowers and flowers in garden.Thanks for the past collaboration of every partner in the production line. It is everyone's silent dedication that has promoted the steady development of the company. We believe that in the future work, all employees of the Topsflo production line will devote themselves to their posts with more excellent, to improve quality and efficiency, and jointly build a strong factory with ingenious and intelligent manufacturing. We will continue to work together and create greater glories in the future.