Topsflo "Not One Less" outdoor activities


                                     --- happy work, happy learning, promote unity, common progress

The afternoon of June 8th, a beautiful sunny day. In order to improve the team cooperation ability, enhance team cohesion, promote team growth,
Topsflo factory management team organized a theme of "Not One Less" outdoor activities in the southern suburbs Park. 
Activity was divided into four parts:
Part 1: Happy opening
The host announced:The theme of activity is "Not One Less". All the members were divided into three teams of Yellow, Red, Blue, each team need to decided their own slogan, elected captain. Then the host announced the activity rules. All of the members sang the song “I believe” together, and each team displayed their slogan, etc, the whole process showed the wisdom and strength of the team.
Part 2: Games
1. “to pull together in times of trouble”
To develop team consciousness among groups, practice the spirit of common adversity, strengthen communication among groups.
2. "Back balloon"
To feel the power of the team, from the trust of the individual to the trust of the team, while also feeling the responsibility of the individual from the trust of the team members.
3. "The tangram puzzle”
The team needs a leader, and the leader needs to communicate adequately and understand the advantages of the team members, make rational use of current resources, carry out strong execution to solve the difficulties and achieve the team goals.
4. “Individual performance”
Through the activities, to enhance everyone's self-confidence and the will to overcome difficulties, improve the ability to solve problems, and enhance the sense of participation in the collective and responsibility.
The three groups were comparable in strength, the game of “balloon back” and “pull together in times of trouble” strongly reflected that the team know how to cooperate with each other, and realized the importance of communication and cooperation. The game of “tangram” embodied the imagination and creativity of the team members, “individual performance” reflected the youthful energy and passion of the team members.
Part 3: Speaks freely
Everyone was actively participating in, the new employees spoke freely and planned their careers, hope to create value for the company to reflect their own value. The activity held successfully, friendship first, competition second, forge ahead in unity!
Part 4: Awards: the individual highest points award + team highest points award
The blue team won since their overall score higher than the other teams, and the general manager Richard awarded prizes to the winners.  
Through this outdoor activities, each team saw their own advantages and disadvantages, and also felt the importance of cooperation and communication, which laid a good foundation for future work. Staff learned in practice, changed in learning, benefited a lot, won more life lessons. After experienced the success of dedication, collaboration, and courage, everyone was deeply impressed by the essence of "responsibility, collaboration, self-confidence”, and realized the responsibilities as part of the team. At the same time, under the intense work and pressure, to close to nature, feel the green mountains and rivers, relax, can improve the staff’s work efficiency and arouse their working enthusiasm, which provides a solid foundation for the company's humanistic construction and sustainable development.

Topsfloorganizes the similar activities usually, which let the staff physical and mental pleasure, at the same time enhance the team cohesion. All the staff of Topsflo are families, they hand in hand and make progress together, with practical action to show Topsflo’s culture and purpose: Happy work, earnest life!