Month Celebration Meeting


-- rich cultural life, help team building 
In order to make a better combination of work and life, and to create the most comfortable and humanized working environment for employees; To ensure the efficient work, at the same time to enrich the cultural life of employees, enhance the company cohesion, TOPSFLO will held month celebration meeting at the beginning of every month. To earnestly implement and promote the company's corporate culture “happy work, earnest life.  
Last Saturday, the month celebration meeting was held as scheduled in TOPSFLO with all the staff’s expectation and laughter. The meeting included two parts, the first part is: the heads of each department to summary the completion of the work target for last month, to introspect the defects and shortcomings, and put forward improving plan. And to commend and reward the outstanding individual and team. Awards include: general manager of special award, outstanding contribution award, positive energy award, monthly trainer award, etc. Winners will receive cash rewards and bonus points (the colleagues who achieve more bonus points can get the priority to enjoy the corporate other benefits, such as go out study, travel abroad, etc), which greatly increased the enthusiasm of all the staff.

The second part is the activities, the types of activities have many choices, such as playing games, agritainment, climbing mountain, KTV, having dinner, etc, decided according to everyone's interest. Because that day is sunny, the activity is climbing the mountain. After the summary meeting, all of the staff go to climb the Mount Yuelu, with talking and laughing along the way, don't feel tired and steep slopes. At the top of the mountain, everyone get together to do some games which are simple but can enhance the team spirit, such as “kangaroo jump”, “three-legged race”, etc, the winning team will get rewards. After get off the mountain, they have dinner together to enjoy the delicacy. Everyone take an active part in the whole activity process, very happy, show the most natural and pure self. This activity exercise body, at the same time, cheerful the body and mind, enhance the understanding and relationships between colleagues.

TOPSFLO made clear reward mechanism, humanized management system. Offer every staff fair opportunity,  as long as who have right attitude, positive, diligent and hard work, keep constantly improve themselves, they will be able to find their own position in TOPSFLO, and realize their own value. Can harvest successful career, at the same time can harvest happiness life. Employees can't depart from the support of the enterprise, the enterprise cannot leave the efforts of the staff, stick together and support each other, common development. All staff unite as one, together with the company hand in hand to create the happy tomorrow!