March Employee Conference | Focused on Dreams, Passionate about Dedication


"Spring will eventually reward those who carried the torch, persisted, and shone during the winter. Between now and the future lies a pulsating, renewing flame that endures an eternity in a moment."
On March 11th, TOPSFLO's first employee conference for the year 2023 was held as scheduled. TOPSFLO employees gathered together in beautiful surroundings to reflect on the past while looking forward to the future.
This conference not only summarized and recognized last year's work, but also set goals for the coming year and established the annual work theme of "business reengineering, united and dedicated, and improved efficiency."

"A shining speck of dust makes the universe more dazzling"

Focus because of dream; love more because of focus.

Focus on the dream, love more because of focus. During the conference, Ms. Helen He, the Vice General Manager of TOPSFLO, delivered a speech on the work of 2023. She proposed to take the "three centers"- that is, "business-centered, market strategy-centered, and development demand-centered" as the guiding principles to jointly achieve "reengineering the operation, working together, improving energy and increasing efficiency." She hopes that all employees can work towards the annual core goals under the guidance of the team concept of "unity, consistency, efficient cooperation, and mission accomplishment," achieving the three "don'ts": don't deviate from the course, stay focused; don't doubt, execute with determination; and don't make excuses, but ensure the results are achieved.

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Ms. He firmly stated, "The universe is infinitely vast, and we are just a small and insignificant speck of dust in it. But we must strive to become a shining speck of dust, a sparkling speck of dust in the micro-pump industry, and a representative of China shining in the world's micro-pump field!"

A Clear Goal Makes Dreams More Clear

Each small goal leads to a big dream. The annual goal setting is the most important part of this conference. The purpose of this goal setting is to make departments and employees more clear about their goals and to encourage and motivate them in realizing their dreams while working towards the company's vision.
During the conference, the persons in charge of business, marketing, research and development, production, and other departments signed the target responsibility letter and announced the department goals. Every mountain has its peak, and under the guidance of every manager, every department can reach their goals step by step, even if the goals are distant.
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With resounding slogans and passionate fighting spirit, every team showed firm determination towards achieving their goals: "if you set out, you must reach", "beyond yourself, challenge the limit, not afraid of difficulties, and go forward bravely", "gather wealth, excellent talents, careful planning, and continuous wealth, forward!".

Mr. Wang, the chairman of TOPSFLO, stated that the annual goal setting is not just a mere ceremony but a real transformation in both thinking and methods. The company's external goal is to gain customer recognition, substitute or even surpass foreign brands in the subdivided industries, and become a truly trustworthy brand in the customer's hearts. The company's internal goal is to achieve the common growth of the team and let every TOPSFLO employee feel happy and warm in their job.

Mr. Wang's speech has deeply encouraged the confidence of all TOPSFLO employees. The leadership team's years of experience have allowed the company to have lofty strategic goals, directional implementation plans, and motivated employees.

A Romantic Ritual Makes Memories Precious

The ritualistic feel of every staff meeting is an integral component of TOPSFLO's romantic corporate culture. Each person is like a unique moon, every photo capturing precious memories, and every ceremony representing something invaluable. The awards ceremony showcases the sincerity and dedication of the company's employees, and every winner is an excellent representation of TOPSFLO's excellence. The company recognizes that this excellence is not only based on skill or hard work, but also on persistence and fortitude.
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It is worth noting that during the commendation of the "Love Sports Angel," TOPSFLO displayed Love Sports' public welfare achievements. The Love Sports Angel shared a heartfelt experience visiting elderly people at the Yongji Nursing Home, reminding us to "be kind to the elderly today because we shall receive kindness tomorrow." The audience responded with warm applause to this genuine sharing.

"Family Joy" is a special system created by the company to improve employees' overall happiness. The company provides generous benefits for significant life events such as marriage, childbirth, purchasing a vehicle, moving to a new home, children's education, and parents' birthdays.

2023 marks the 18th year TOPSFLO has been rooted in the micropump industry. May we stay true to our original intentions, work diligently towards our goals, keep our vision expansive, and create more brilliant advancements for the glory of TOPSFLO and every TOPSFLO employee!