Topsflo started an ERP system upgrade plan worth ¥800,000, Kingdee Cloud develops the way of enterprise digital development


In order to further improve the level of integration and construction of TOPSFLO Pump's business and finance, make finance more deeply into each business segment of the company, and promote the refinement, digitization and standardization of cost control, TOPSFLO Micro Pump held the Kingdee Cloud Galaxy Project Start Meeting on March 10th, 2022, officially started the construction of TOPSFLO Pump Kingdee Cloud System, and fully launched TOPSFLO's new ERP system upgrade plan.

For manufacturing enterprises, production intelligence begins with the refinement of enterprise management, and refined management is inseparable from the continuous construction and upgrading of ERP system that integrates R&D, production, supply and sales. TOPSFLO has always attached great importance to the construction of the ERP system. It began to integrate into the ERP system a few years ago, and actively introduced the financial system to integrate business and finance. It effectively promoted the benign drive of finance to the business and played a guiding role in the long-term positive development of the company.

The purpose of this ERP system upgrade is to further promote the construction of business and finance integration, completely break the limitations of traditional financial data and information lag, passively receiving information, etc., so that financial personnel can build a clearer financial system on the basis of in-depth business and service business. And use the information technology means - the introduction of Kingdee Cloud Galaxy system to organically integrate with the business system to achieve an efficient combination of business management and financial management, so that the internal work can be promoted more smoothly and provide customers with better services.

The project startup meeting was jointly promoted by the TOPSFLO Finance Department, Business Department, Purchasing Department, Production Department, Administrative Personnel Center and other departments, and two professional teachers from Hunan Mengdie Technology Co., Ltd. were specially invited as consultants to give on-site guidance. At the meeting, the two teachers introduced and sorted out the Kingdee Cloud Galaxy project implementation plan, implementation team members and specific management and control processes, and clearly positioned the main body of the Kingdee Cloud system in the enterprise to each member of TOPSFLO.

The teacher said that the implementation of the Kingdee Cloud project will involve all aspects of the company. By importing the Kingdee Cloud Galaxy system, TOPSFLO's financial and business processes can be further improved. The efficiency of the company will be greatly improved, the cooperation between various departments will be smoother, and the delivery of large-scale orders from customers will be better achieved, providing a strong guarantee for the long-term development of the company.

The general manager of TOPSFLO, Mr. Wang, said at the meeting that not only the Kingdee Cloud project team, but all members of the company must fully understand the importance and necessity of this work, and fully support the construction and implementation of the Kingdee Cloud Galaxy system import project. Ensuring that the Kingdee Cloud Galaxy system is started on time can guide the upgrade of business and financial integration, improve the company's overall management level, and promote the realization of the company's maximization of value, effectively turning TOPSFLO into a digital transformation enterprise integrating R&D, production, supply and sales.

The introduction of Kingdee Cloud Galaxy system is a key step for TOPSFLO to realize the integration of business and finance, and it is a major node in the company's development process. Through the guidance and call of professional teachers and company leaders, everyone is full of confidence in the realization of the Kingdee Cloud system introduction! TOPSFLO has always advocated the tenet of "Happy work, serious life", and also attached great importance to the company members who have made significant contributions to the company's construction. For this project team, a 4 day and 3 night luxury tour outside the province has been set up as a travel incentive. Turn pressure into motivation, so that everyone can harvest both spiritual and material harvests at work.

The introduction of the Kingdee Cloud Galaxy system is being actively carried out with the cooperation of all members of TOPSFLO. It is believed that the next three years will be important three years for the digital and intelligent upgrading of the TOPSFLO micro pump industry. TOPSFLO will continue to stand at the forefront of the development of micro-pumps with higher development quality and contribute more to the development of the industry. At the same time, Kingdee Cloud Galaxy will continue to provide a full range of services for the TOPSFLO bldc pump industry, escorting TOPSFLO's corporate vision of "be a centennial micro-pump brand in the world".