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RoHS is a mandatory standard drawn up by the EU legislation, short for "Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment instructions." It is mainly used to regulate the materials and process standards of electrical and electronic products, aiming at the eliminating lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and other harmful substances in electrical and human health and the environment.

TOPS Industry and Technology (Micro Pump & Motor) Co.,Ltd is the leading and professinoal manufacturer of various precision micro pumps and fluid comprehensive solutions in China. TOPSFLO mainly produces 3 series products: mini DC brushless centrifugal pumps, DC diaphragm air & liquid pumps and DC micro gear pumps, which are widely used in industrial devices, household appliances, medical devices, etc.

As the most popular and applied widely pump seires here, with the prominent features of long life, low noise, silence, 24-hour continuous work, maintenance-free and others, brushless DC centrifugal pumps have been more widely applied and recognized in industrial applications and supporting in all walks of life, also have been employed more as alternatives for brushed DC pumps and AC pumps. 

In accordance with international environment requirements, TOPSFLO updated our RoHS directive to the latest for Micro Brushless DC Pumps and OEM supporttings, such as Auto water pump TA50&TA60 Solar Water Pumps TS5&TD5TL-C01, Food-Grade Water Pump TL-A03&TL-B03&TL-B10,&TL-C01 Water Heating Mattress pump TL-B09,Computer Cooling Pump TDC, Water Heater Booster Pump TL-B01& TL-C01, Chillers Water Pump TL-C01, Air Conditioning Cooling Water Pump TL-B10, Floor Heating Circulating Water Pump TL-B10&TS5 and Special Purposes Applications: Acid and alkali resistant micro water pumps, micro DC submersible pumps, high-temperature resistant brushless pumps, petrol / diesel / kerosene resistant micro DC pumps, wear-resistant micro pump.

It is the responsibility for each company to protect environment. We invest the same energy&time in exercising environmental protection, as we have done in product R&D. We switch to more environmental friendly materials, to make safer products and processes.

In the future, TOPSFLO will further strengthen the work of environmental protection, with full respect for our work and living environment.