TOPSFLO Motivating Three Outstanding employees by Awarding Them Hong Qi Limousine


With the blossoming of the fireworks in the Automobile 4S shop, the ceremony of TOPSFLO motivating the outstanding employees by awarding them Hong Qi Luxury car was officially started. The three outstanding employees were holding flowers and smiling with expectation and happiness. At this moment, Mr. Richard Wang, TOPSFLO general manager, handed over the car keys to them.
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In the sound of blessing and encouragement, they took over the meaningful keys, which is not only the recognition of their past initiative to undertake their own positions and make excellent work achievements, but also the expectation of a better life in the future.

One of the representative of outstanding employees also made a speech at the scene: "It is the first time in my life that I can drive such a luxury car awarded by the company. Thanks to the company, I can drive with my family and give them a happier life. Life is long. I believe that working together with TOPSFLO will lead a happier and more advanced life."

Other staff who witnessed the handover ceremony also expressed their blessings and shared their joy to the three. After the ceremony, other staff can't wait to get on the car to feel the charm of Hong Qi luxury car, fashionable exterior design, luxury interior and the control mode full of science and technology, so that everyone present felt the charm of the Hong Qi car and TOPSFLO’s careful consideration to employees.

As an enterprise practicing Inamori’s philosophy, TOPSFLO always adheres to the original intention and vision of letting employees harvest material and spiritual happiness, and hope this original intention can not only help employees grow up, but also benefit their families, so that every partner and family on the Topsflo platform can be happier.

For over 10 years, TOPSFLO has always adhered to this original intention in the development of the enterprise. Through various forms of reading club activities, training, travel incentive and other activities, employees can truly feel it.

And awarding car is only a kind of expression under this vision. In the future, there will be more motivating forms to be shared with outstanding employees, making each stuff dedicated to this platform are fully recognized, and lets each partner's personal value be realized synchronously and also harvest the progress and happiness of life.

We also firmly believe that in TOPSFLO’s pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of employees, the cohesion, morale and fighting spirit of employees are inspiring, and they not only get material and spiritual happiness, but also bring strong vitality to the enterprise.

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