Austria KTM- The champion of world motorcycle rally, revisited TOPSFLO to discuss seven years of excellent cooperation and mutual new development


In July 2019, the R&D director, engineer and purchasing manager of the electric motorcycle project department from Austrian KTM group revisited TOPSFLO headquarter.  Richard Wang (CEO), Lily He (Sales director), Michael He (R&D director), and overseas senior managers etc warmly welcomed KTM team.

KTM as the most famous manufacturer of off-road motorcycles in the world is established in 1934 , its off-road motorcycle has won many awards in world off-road competitions with excellent performance. Dakar rally is the harshest and most adventurous motor sports which is well known to motorcycle enthusiasts and win fervent concern of more than 500 million people all over the world.
. In the Dakar rally, there are often spectacular scenes of the top five players driving KTM chariots. Since 2001, Every year the champion of the motorcycle rally race is undoubtedly earned by the KTM Orange Legion. The outstanding performance of KTM in cross-country is widely praised by the world.
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As the world leader of micro brushless DC pumps, TOPSFLO has been exporting to the high-end market in Europe and America for 15 years, providing diversified solutions for 85 countries and regions. With excellent quality and high batch product consistency, TOPSFLO escorts KTM motorcycles around the world.
TOPSFLO pump assists KTM to develop the unique electric off-road motorcycle in the world
In recent years, for the consideration of environmental protection and other concepts, the concept of new energy vehicles in China to win much attention, electric cars and automotive pump to attract many enterprises to participate actively.

TOPSFLO is concentrated on the high-end micro pumps R&D and manufacturing and has a forward-looking research and development thinking, it started the R&D and manufacturing of electronic pumps for new energy vehicles as early as 10 years ago. The motorcycle electronic pump of TOPSFLO service KTM Group, providing strong power for KTM to successfully develop the world's only electric off-road motorcycle.
In 2011, KTM engineers began the actual testing of TOPSFLO micro pump samples, all results met the expected performance. In 2012, KTM purchasing managers and engineers traveled from Europe to Changsha to conduct a two-day audit at TOPSFLO factory. They deeply impressed by the quality control and corporate values of TOPSFLO, especially, TOPSFLO pioneered the introduction of IATF:16949 system in the field of micro-pump manufacturing in China.

TOPSFLO passed the strict examination of TÜV Rheinland,and obtained the automobile quality system certification  IATF 16949:2016. In the R&D and production processes,  strict system processes, risk management and the quality control are implemented completely,  and the quality of each micro pump is strictly controlled. This is the solid foundation for quality management for the goal of “building a world-class micro pump brand”. We creates the most competitive value for our partners, maintains the brand dignity of customers, and wins the praise of KTM company.
The electronic pump for KTM electric motorcycle has extremely high requirements on withstand voltage and environmental temperature. The engineer in TOPSFLO have fully verified the circuit design of the micro pump to withstand voltage and electronic components, providing a perfect solution for KTM.   KTM is still in a position to dominate the world in the field of electric motorcycles up to now. TOPSFLO  is also very competitive in the development and manufacture of electric motorcycle  pumps.
With frank cooperation for 7 years   New outstanding achievements recreated

In 2012, the  KTM  team visited TOPSFLO Pumps for the first time and established a good relationship with us.  Afterwards,we has provided KTM with a complete solution for motorcycle electronic pumps.Both our senior account manager and engineers have also maintained high-frequency technical exchanges with KTM.
KTM team revisited TOPSFLO Pump Industry in July.2019, They highly praised the excellent cooperation between us, and proposed the research and development needs of new engine cooling projects.
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Thanks to TOPSFLO 10 years experience in providing services to global car manufacturers and  suppliers, We specially appointed Ms. Zhang, senior account manager of the Automotive Division, to provide technical solutions for KTM . Ms. Zhang at TOPSFLO has successfully led the Norway engine preheating and cooling project, German electric vehicle cooling system projects, UK electric truck thermal management system cooling projects... She has extensive experience in engine cooling project services.
Ms. Zhang’s professional solution have also been highly recognized by KTM , and we have initially reached a new project cooperation intention.
In the past seven years, TOPSFLO has established a fruitful partnership with KTM. With the layout of KTM in the Chinese market, it will provide more possibilities for further cooperation with each other.
TOPSFLO has been deeply immersed in the field of micro-brushless pumps for 15 years,  working with KTM who plays outstanding role for 85 years in the field of motorcycles hand in good faith cooperation, to promote mutual excellence and to be century-old industry.