Topsflo Reach Cooperation with the Largest Medical Device Company ARJO


 With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to health. At the same time, the products of the medical industry have become hot and hot, with the belief of bring benefits to human beings and bring convenience to more people, and improving the happiness index of people around the world. Topsflo is happy to work with the major medical industry companies R&D Departments to make more and better achievements in the medical industry. Since the medical industry's product requirements are higher than those of the general industry, the choice of its raw material suppliers is also very demanding. For this reason, the Topsflo team has been continuously improving our production requirements and product performance to achieve higher standards and better quality products match the higher industry.

ARJO is a global group enterprise, who is established in 1975. And it’s annual turnover with 750 million euros in 2017. It has its own branches in more than 100 countries all around the world. The main industries is to provide various medical equipment for hospitals and families, consider medical device with relative to patient's life directly, so its product quality requirements are higher than the general industry. Recently, the Polish branch of ARJO appointed a Chinese procurement engineer Rhett Ge to the Topsflo factory. The two sides have further discussed the use of a shower water heater and a hydromassage in the bath for disabled or elderly people with leg problems. With Poland engineer feedbak that TOPSFLO pump has also been tested approval, the overall performance and quietness of the brushless dc pump is very satisfactory. After further confirmation of the product parameters and procurement plan, then went to the factory to do a series of audit work, mainly for Topsflo's engineering management, product quality control, production line production process control and further audit work, Rhett Ge in summary it means that the various controls of Topsflo are very standard. At the same time, the work can be further refined according to the requirements of the medical industry,and to pursue improve the overall KPI of whole team. Based on the high satisfaction of the overall evaluation of the auditing, ARJO also confirmed on the spot that the next step will be to arrange the procurement department, and they will required TOPSFLO to sign a formal procurement agreement to carry out in formal cooperation between the two parties in the future.

 Medical Device pump
With the high-tech development, many inferior products and low-standard factories are slowly being phased out by the society. After great waves sweeping, the company that stands will be winner. People often say that success with three-point luck and seven-point strength. In fact, it’s because the products very good quality that can really make a company survive for a long time. To cooperate with the largest medical industry company, it also shows that the product quality of Topsflo is preferred, and the production requirements are critical.
Topsflo firmly believes that high quality products can speak, good quality will make enterprise live forever, enterprises wanna to develop, the first life is quality; focus on improving quality is the constant pursuit of Topsflo.