Topsflo Fourth Outward Bound


  Topsflo commits to building its professional efficient and learning team, meantime attaches great importance to the personal development of employees. On September 24-25,

        As a member of Changsha International Trade Association, Topsflo part staffs took participate in a two-days positive thinking training at Changsha Zhongcheng Hotel , to enhance the work passion and responsible attitude of the whole team .

This training has two parts, game and Lecture. At first day, all the 103 members were classified in 8 small teams to finishing 4 projects, which reflect different aspects of the work relationship. They ordeal the communication and cooperation consciousness among the team members,also stressed the cross group cooperation together with information sharing, and the concept of benign competition .The Physically games is easy to impact peoples’ inherent thinking way, which makes the lessons more impressive and acceptable.


The lecture of the second day’s training is the sublimation for the positive power in theory. Teacher divided it into 7 small topics to analyzing why we need positive power and how to stress it in our work and daily life. Responsibility is not only to our company and the society,but also make difference to personal career plan. To realize our dream, we must brave enough to put it into practice, to bear the consequences and to perfect oneself and the preparation work at any time,etc.We learn the significant of personal control. Believe that everything negative is all an opportunity for us to rise, be confidence to our future, making effective short and long-term plan for job and our life

This training theme is same as Topsflo culture.Topsflo’s long-term target to persist is “to be the micro pump field high-end leader and the most influential enterprise” and actually we always at the leading edge of the Chinese mainland market of brushless DC pump industry. We set strictly high standard to require ourselves for every link for production, regardless of the raw material supply, automatic production machine, manufacturing technical , or the products quality, etc. We bear the faith in mind that “no matter what’s kind of circumstance around, we can do it. We will realize it if we believe we can, doing our utmost for a happy life!” Consistently with this triumphalism faith, we succeed in our product development, such as TL-C01,TL-B10, TD5 Home Brewing Pump, Solar pump, andTA50 / TA60 Auto Pump, etc. And this fairly strong competitive advantage let us win larger international recognize and cover bigger international market rate fast.

   This is the positive energy of Topsflo, surely every cooperated clients and suppliers will have deep feeling about this. We also looking forward to establish further or new cooperate relationship with you.