Topsflo assists French Water Purification Technology with new customized solutions.-2


In January 2018, 6 representatives of the customer technical team made a special trip from France to China & visited Topsflo. During the visit, they strictly reviewed the workshop management, production process, facility & file system, and had an in-depth discussion with Topsflo team on the ultrapure water purification project. From the further discussion, we understood that except basic speed control, FG signal feedback & wire customization, they also needed customized pump head and special electronic solutions. To provide customers with solution faster, Topsflo engineering team quickly held the project review meeting to discuss how to carry out the next steps and how to design according to the customer's system requirements. After carefully study and testing again and again, Topsflo team offered feasibility suggestions to customers based on their needs and made some new samples for customer’s testing. 

After another half year’s testing, they’re very satisfied with the pump performance, but there were still some small points need to be adjusted. In October 2019, customer technical team visited Topsflo again for further discussion. We learned that customer would like to optimize the pump head and add quick fitting after further communication. In order to achieve the balance of strength and provide customers with more stable products, Topsflo used professional servos imported from Japan and made samples for customer testing again. The new samples were approved by them and also they’re highly recognized Topsflo’s professional, design ability and quick feedback.   


After more than three years efforts, Tosflo finally provided customers with the most suitable customized solution. The customer said, “Although we take very long time for initial testing and studying, but it’s worth it. Every time when we start a new project, we’ll invest a large number of R&D people and take two or three years or even longer to research & study, but our purpose is to make more people benefit from our each R&D. And each new R&D will be active for at least ten years once it’s established.” Topsflo agrees with the customer's philosophy very much. As a micro pump manufacturer with more than ten year experience, we hope to move forward step by step, grow with excellent customers together and each developed product can be used by customers for more than ten years.  
The customer also mentioned,”too many people were affected by the Corona Virus. Because of that, we should go upstream to research better products and technologies to provide people with a safer and healthier living environment and we’re very grateful to have Topsflo all the way along with us, do not flinch to make all efforts for our R&D. 
I think this is one of the reasons why the french customer can become a century-old enterprise. Do not need to go the fastest, but take every step down-to-earth to go further. This is also the pursuit of Topsflo. We are always willing to grow together with professional customers and do our best to make the world healthier and better!