TOPSFLO Brushless DC Pump Main Features


Topsflo  Centrifugal Brushless DC Pump. It is our continuous pursuit to provide customers with more and more high quality pumps to meet long time reliable usage, to offer the most satisfied solution.

Following is a brief introduction of Brushless DC Pump main Features:


24hours Continuous Duty & Lifetime over 20,000 hrs
Quiet noise 30dB


TL-B09 :

Ultra quiet suspension rotor ≤25dB
24 hours continuous work & Lifetime over 20,000 hrs
Specializing water heating mattress pump



For replacing TL-B02 and TL-B04
24 hours continuous work & Lifetime over 20,000 hrs
Ideal for coffee machine, beverage dispenser, cooling systems, hot water circulation.



High pressure booster pump
24 hours continuous work
The lowest noise 45dB
Electric Instant Water Heater Pump



Sustain temp-40~120°C,suitable for extreme outdoor environment
Meet car power supplying way
Vibration endurable
Heavy duty work, can sustain continual 24 hours



Stainless steel solar DC pump
MPPT(Maximum Power Point tracking)
5W, 10W, 15W, 25W power consumption
Long lifetime over 30,000 hrs


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