PC world liquid cooling solution, TOPSFLO tiny cooling pump TL-A02 for both CPU & GPU cooling


Every computer, from the smallest of home theater PCs to the most hulking of gargantuan gaming rigs, generates heat during operation, so every PC need a good cooling system. 
Liquid cooling is much more popular than traditional air cooling now, for liquid cooling setup allows you to cool specific system components to a greater degree, with faster speed & more efficient.
TOPSFLO is the high-end leader in micro pumps design, manufacture and sell, targeted the quality policy as “by the spirit of craftsmen, setting up the micro pump industry’s benchmark, and building up the international quality”.  On May,2017, TOPSFLO received a new partner from a famous Germany company for a PC cooling project, they had a fruitful meeting discussions on making a tailored cooling pump and future good cooperation.  
“ Most cooling system in markets now is just for CPU cooling, no graphics cards liquid cooling, actually graphics cards’s power and temperature is much higher than CPU, they don’t know how to make good GPU cooling system. Our aim is to make the best PC cooling solutions for both GPU, CPU and other components, the most important core part for us is the water pump, reliable quality, long lifetime, super low noise are very important for the water pump, we’ve researched & tested many Chinese pumps & overseas pumps for more than 2years, TOPSFLO pump is our best choice, that’s why i’m here, we want to work with TOPSFLO in making a best  PC cooling pump for my product” said Mr Kohl, an German expert in PC cooling design.
Main reasons for clients to choose TOPSFLO TL-A02 pump are:
1. Super low noise : Every gamer should enjoy gaming on a silent PC with high FPS and low temps, the pump can’t hear any noise when running in a quiet room.
2. Very small size: 48*33&42mm,can be even smaller, the smaller, the better ;
3. Speed controllable : PWM smart control & FG signal wire to show the speed are a must for us. (we can’t find such small pump with mature PWM function from other Chinese supplier)
4. Long lifetime: > 50,000hours;
5. Most reliability quality: topsflo can ensure batch products with very low defective ratio, reference <0.01% .(normal markets defective ratio is 0.5% or even higher)
 cooling water pump
We believe TOPSFLO engineering teams’ excellent capability, most engineers are with over 10years experience in micro pump field, with continuous research and design, will always strive to bring best liquid cooling performance and experience to our customers all around the world.