TD5 Home brewing DC pump VS Chugger AC pump


    There is a video on the network introducedl TOPSLFO TD5 home brewing pump from a non-professional perspective, in fact, it’s because they do not understand TOPSFLO company and TD5 pump. So what is the fact?

    This video brewing DC pump will tell you how to choose a home brewing DC pump. And why more and more home brewers use TD5 home brewing DC pump instead of Chugger AC pump. 

Who is TOPSFLO and what are they doing?
    TOPSFLO is the only high-end micro DC brushless pump manufacturer in China, who’s main market is European and North America.Topsflo is a ISO 9001 standards certificated company, have passed the international well-know SGS factory audited,  its developing and quality control level even better than many famous brand over the world. Their pump defect rate is 1 in million,and 80% raw material is imported, and the rest 20% material from the domestic quality supplier. All the pump and raw material pass CE, RoHS, REACH certificated.And some parts WRAS, NSF certificated.
Home brewing DC pump

    Honored to cooperate with Whirlpool, BOSCH, KTM,FLEXTRONICS,KOOLANCE.etc, the premise of cooperation with these large companies is to ensure the high quality of the products. and professional after-sales, and TOPSFLO did it.
Topsflo independent research and developed TD5 home brewing pump also holds highly opinion, and established distributors in America,Canada, England, Brazil, Norway,Italy and so on in the several years, Such as the famous brand LD Carlson, Northern Brewer and Proflow in America. TD5 pump is very popular among Home brewers, also received critical acclaim. Topsflo stainless steel for pump head, shaft and washers,graphite used for bearing ,EPDM rubber and PA nylon for pump body who directed transfer water,all FDA food certified, all this has very strict requirement and standards in food industry.
    However, the birth of a good product, often be a malicious attack by competitors, which caused many misunderstanding. At this point, in order to make all consumers more assured, and know more about Topsflo TD5 brewing pump, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of TD5 pump, and tell you how to choose a high-quality brewing pump.
     This is TD5 home brewing DC pump. This is Chugger pump.
     TOPSFLO TD5 pump compared with he(Chugger), what is the advantage?
     First TOPSFLO TD5 is a brushless DC centrifugal pump, he is AC pump.There is a big difference essentially.
     Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump is a DC brushless motor, which is the most advanced magnetic field, characterized by long life, low power consumption, safe and efficient, intelligent, through the chip control, can customize FG, and PWM speed control, which DC brushless motor is the trend of the development.  
But AC pump have no chip, can not be intelligent control.there is no electronic part of the product's ,the accuracy is not high, the stator have no driven.

     TOPSFLO TD5 size is 9cm, he (Chugger) is 20cm.
TOPSFLO TD5 weight is 1.91bs/0.86kgs, he(Chugger) is 6lbs/2.7kgs
TOPSFLO TD5 noise is 42.4db, he (Chugger) is 56.7db
Why TOPSFLO use 304, not 316. From the professional point, 316 is too hardness, not suitable for casting,usually people judge if 304 is OK need from a professional point to view, first it is the most important whether FDA or not, second it’s safe or not when long using, any rusty dangers ?

TOPSFLO TD5 304 stainless steel materials is FDA certification

Topsflo TD5 stainless steel pump head and bearing have done a professional 72 hours salt spray test, it is not rusty.

So TD5 can pass 72 hours salt spray test, and food grade, this is a safe standards to can be use long-term

In that video, he scraped the magnet surface with knife, this is a total wrong!

How to judge the magnet is safe and qualified, we should verify from a professional sense, but not scraping with a knife. How can a knife be a quality standard to verify a product? Scraping the impeller, powder is coming off, does this mean it is not safe?

If you scrape your clothes with a knife, clothes is broken and have a hole, doesn’t this mean the clothes is poor quality? So knife shouldn’t be a tool to test a product is qualified or not.

Then what is the right and professional verification? As we know, in a beer brewing system, it requires pump to endure system pressure about 4kgs, Topsflo’s TD5 has been through a strict extreme testing to prove it can endure 28kgs and will not crack. If a pump remains intact after being at pressure of 28kgs, is it not a safe product? So we should judge a product by scientific way, but not using a knife to scrape it.

And also, Topsflo’s TD5 has been tested at low and high temperatures from -60~120C, it proves its reliability is no any problem

If a rotor has been through test of high temperature of 120C and low temperauter of 60C, as well as pressure test of 28kgs, without any problem, and no powder problem, do you till worry about it is not a safe pump?

This pump(chugger)’s rotor is actually coated with NdFeB which contain lead, this rotor has the possibility of leakage after working for long time at high temperature, as this kind of rotor is needed to process twice, once leakage, the NdFeB is a harmful and polluted materials.

Howver, Topsflo’s TD5 is used integral injection magnet imported from Japan, approved by FDA, it is very safe.

The graphite is FDA material, which is safe and harmless to the human body. It's very wearable and long lifetime. Graphite is not just be used by TOPSFLO, it has been used in many countries around the world, including many global famous companies, such as IWAKI, Fluid in Italy, etc.

Why does graphite have black powder when touched by hand?

Firstly, for our TD5 brushless centrifugal water pump, water is the lubricant. When pump dry-running without water, the shaft and rotor will have dry friction, it will produce black powder in this situation. But once water enter into the pump, will haven’t the dry friction and of course there is no black powder. On the other hand, if the pump always keep producing black powder while working, very soon, customers will find that the pump is broken after hundreds of hours later because the graphite is wear out. But how can so many customers say that our Topsflo pump life is very long and willing to choose to cooperate with TOPSFLO? So, from this point, it's still to see whether you're going to judge from a professional standpoint, or whether you know about international products. If you are professional enough and know what materials of the international companies are using now to manufacture some advanced products, then you’ll not evaluate this matter like this. Of course, if consumers are not comfortable with Topsflo TD5 water pump’s graphite sleeve material, we can also supply the PPS sleeve for your option. The common brewing pump on the market all use the PPS shaft sleeve, such as Chugger.
TOPSFLO TD5 O ring adopted imported EPDM, with WRAS, NDF certificate, EPDM itself is a high end material, good high temperature and corrosion resistance, FDA approved
TOPSFLO TD5 is an advanced pump not only from the electronic control or material certification.
    We signed agents in many countries, like America, Norway, Italy, Brazil. As United States is an important market for CHUGGER pump, the emergence of TD5 has caused the United States CHUGGER agents panic, so some subjective impractical comments about TD5 appeared, but it doesn't matter, because TD5 is indeed was welcomed by many customers, won the good market opportunities.
    You can learn from the video that we have professional team, professional test method, advanced equipment to control the product quality, do you have any other reasons to not choose TD5?
    Sincerely hope this video could help to relieve anxieties, also hope this information is helpful for all the brewing amateur to choose a reliable safety pump.