Why is Topsflo solar hot water circulating pump favored by the market?


In order to meet the needs of economic development, human beings have carried out a large-scale mining of carbon resources, resulting in the continued deterioration of the ecological environment around the world and the dilemma of resource depletion. Therefore, the use of renewable new energy to replace traditional energy has become an irreversible trend. As a new energy, solar energy has the advantages of inexhaustible, renewable and sustainable utilization compared with fossil energy.

The utilization of solar energy has made great progress so far, the principle is simply to absorb the solar radiation through special materials, and then convert it into the energy we need with the help of professional equipment. As a clean and pollution-free renewable resource, solar energy is used in various fields, such as New Solar Whole House Water Heating System, Solar Water Heater, etc.

In the solar energy application equipment or system, water pump is one of the important components. In fact, TOPSFLO solar water pumps - solar dc pump TS5 and TD5, break the traditional power supply method, can be directly powered by solar panels, and there will be no situation where the sunlight is too weak to start, so as to maximize energy saving and emission reduction.

Traditional AC Pump VS New DC Solar Pump

At present, water pumps used in solar energy equipment on the market are roughly divided into two types: alternating current circulation pump and direct current solar hot water pump.

The traditional separate AC circulating pump system, that is, the household electricity 220V/110V directly supplies water pump with uninterrupted power supply, to realize the circulation of cold and hot water.

The new energy and DC solar hot water pump circulation system directly uses 5W, 10W, 15W, 25W solar panels to supply power to water pump and keep continuously work, and to realize the exchange of cold and hot water.

Compared with the traditional separated AC circulating pump, the new energy DC solar hot water pump has the following advantages:

1.Energy saving, environmental protection and safer: using solar panels to supply power directly, low power consumption can be started, no need to use household AC power supply, very energy saving (if install DC solar energy system in the developed countries in Europe and America, the government will give certain subsidies accordingly) . The water pump itself is DC low voltage, which is very safe to use, avoiding the risk of AC pumps).
2.Long service life: DC circulating pump adopts the most advanced magnetic drive method, and the lifetime is more than 20,000 hours. Compared with the lifetime of AC pump of about 6,000 hours, it is greatly increased, and the average cost-effectiveness of the customer's use is greatly improved.
3.Low noise: DC circulating pump is an isolated centrifugal pump, the friction between the bearing and shaft is very small,so the working noise of the pump is lower than that of AC pump, and quieter.
4.Small size: DC pump is about 1/3 the size of the traditional AC pump, which is more convenient to install and use;
5.Integration of functions: The traditional AC screw irrigation pump needs a photovoltaic pumping inverter to realize MPPT function, while the new DC solar pump can realize MPPT function without the inverter (such as TOPSFLO TD5 solar pump), which reduces the cost.
(MPPT function analysis: Control and adjust the operation of solar water pump, drive water pump with electric energy emitted by the solar array, and adjust the output frequency in real time according to the change of the sunlight intensity, so that the output power is close to the maximum power of solar battery array.)

In a word, the advantages of DC brushless water pump over traditional AC water pump are very obvious, especially its energy-saving features are valued and welcomed by more and more countries, and it is gradually replacing the use of traditional AC water pump. TOPSFLO's dedicated solar hot water circulating pump is DC brushless solar pump.

Five advantages of TOPSFLO TD5 solar dc circulating pump
At present, TOPSFLO TD5 solar hot water circulating pump has been widely used in New Solar Whole House Water Heating System, Solar Water Heater, Hot Water Circulation, Cooling System and other fields, and has been recognized and praised by customers. So, what is the charm of TD5 solar hot water circulating pump to be favored by the market?

First, all stainless steel solar hot water circulating pump. Made of food grade stainless steel, it is very safe and reliable, and there is no leakage of dangerous elements. Traditional copper, lead, and brass products contain more or less lead in a certain proportion, and high lead content will have adverse effects on our health. All-stainless steel pump body of TD5 can withstand high temperature of 110℃, and system pressure can be up to 10bar.

Second, low power, soft start. TD5 can be powered directly by photovoltaic panels. 6V low voltage start, 2W low power start, and water pump can start and work normally when the sunlight is weak in the morning. The pump starts up reliably even after a prolonged shutdown. The general solar pump on the market cannot start with such low voltage and low power, and it is easy to burn the machine with too low power.

Third, maximum power point tracking (MPPT function). Every three seconds, the processor modifies the operating point on the PV panel's voltage-current curve to find the point of optimal performance. No separate performance equipment is required, TD5 solar pump automatically finds the optimum operating point for maximum performance under any given light and temperature conditions. Compared with general pumps on the market, the efficiency can be improved by 30%-50%.

Fourth, long lifetime. Using high-efficiency ECM brushless DC motor, maintenance-free, with 30,000 hours lifetime, and advanced magnetic drive technology, static sealing, never leaking.

Fifth, multiple protections. Overvoltage protection - pump stops working in the case of overvoltage, and restarts when it is lower than the voltage;
Locked rotor protection - when the rotor is blocked by debris, it will automatically protect and stop, and automatically resume work after the debris is removed;
Polarity protection - the polarity of the power supply is reversed, the water pump will not work, but it will not cause an irreversible fault.
Generally, the pumps of domestic manufacturers do not have these functions.

As a renewable clean energy, solar energy is widely used in various fields. To produce the best pumps with the highest standards, TOPSFLO adheres to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection and vigorously develops and researches, resulting in the amazing advent of TD5 solar hot water circulating pump. As the only professional solar water pump supplier in China, TOPSFLO will continue to improve technology, innovate and make breakthroughs, turn customer recognition and support into continuous forward momentum, and strive to become a leader in the global micro pump industry.