Build a benchmark for the smart toilet industry together—— Exploring the reasons behind TOPSFLO Pump's cooperation with Roca, a global leading sanitary ware brand


As one of the world's top ten sanitary ware brands and one of the largest sanitary ware manufacturers, Roca was founded in Spain by the Roca brothers in 1917. The company's business focuses on the production and sales of high-end sanitary ware. So far, Roca's business has spread to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and its products have been widely used in the world's top hotels and high-end residences.

With the rapid development of the global smart toilet industry, Roca has set a new benchmark in the smart toilet industry with its unique industry advantages.
As a high-end brand with smart toilet products covering high-end hotels and residences around the world, Roca has high requirements for product parts suppliers, especially the micro brushless 24v DC water pump that promotes water circulation in smart toilets. .
There are strict screening and evaluation of water pumps. In the selection of many micro pump suppliers, TOPSFLO stood out.
All aspects of R&D and design, sample testing, customer inspections, and mass production have been highly affirmed by Roca, and eventually become the only direct supplier of micro pumps in China designated by Roca in its global sanitary project.

So why did Roca choose TOPSFLO? TOPSFLO'S engineers will show you the following points:
1. Roca's customers in the smart toilet industry are mostly high-end hotels and residences at home and abroad, so it has very strict requirements on the selection of materials, production systems, and electronic control methods for parts suppliers.

In terms of material selection, 80% of TOPSFLO's raw materials are imported from well-known international manufacturers and have more international certifications.
In terms of production system, TOPSFLO has the industry's ultra-high standard TUV Rheinland IATF16949 and ISO 9001 dual quality system certification;In terms of electronic control, TOPSFLO has built a dust-proof and anti-static electronic workshop that meets the American ANSI ESD S20.20 2014 standard and a moisture-sensitive room that strictly controls the temperature and humidity of electronic components.TOPSFLO's high standards and supporting facilities for its own management and control coincide with ROCA's needs, which has greatly promoted the pace of cooperation between the two parties.

2. As a support for ROCA's global project, ROCA has very high requirements for product stability, reliability and batch consistency in order to ensure the stability of high-quality products and user reputation.
TOPSFLO introduces automation equipment from the United States, Japan, France and other countries to build a fully automatic intelligent production line to control the overall production process stably and effectively.
And the introduction of a complete MES manufacturing execution system, automatic collection of process data, monitoring, analysis and traceability, strict production control, greatly improving production efficiency and ensuring product quality and batch stability, making TOPSFLO stand out among the suppliers reviewed by ROCA.

3. Of course, the above two points are not enough to finally establish stable cooperation with customers. As an industry-leading innovative enterprise, Roca has strong R&D capabilities and needs corresponding technical support in the selection of suppliers.
TOPSFLO has strong technical support capabilities, which is also one of the most important reasons why the two parties can finally reach a cooperation.TOPSFLO customized pain points for Roca and provided timely and efficient services: including customizing large flow parameters according to insufficient water pressure; providing strong pump power for faster start-ups; participating in customer smart toilet pipelines The structural design allows the pump to exert its maximum efficiency; And according to the customer's test situation, the technical team came to the scene to provide a lot of effective improvement suggestions, and finally the water pump and toilet can achieve the best and efficient combination.

TOPSFLO has always maintained a high degree of consistency with its customers in terms of R&D and innovation capabilities. In the customer’s latest smart toilet project research and development, we have achieved breakthroughs in micro water pump products based on customer requirements and taking advantage of R&D capabilities.
At the same time, we have developed products with more innovative functions, and provided strong technical support for pumps for creative functions in our customers' products.

As a global high-end DC micro pump solution service provider, for more than ten years, TOPSFLO has provided professional customized services for pumps and water technology solutions to hundreds of well-known companies in more than 60 countries around the world.

In the cooperation with Roca, TOPSFLO has been deeply involved in the smart toilet industry, always upholding the "customer first" service concept, based on Roca's needs, with reliable R&D capabilities, fully automated production guarantees, and systematic quality management as the connotation . And through high-quality services to create a harmonious and stable long-term cooperation between the two parties.

In the future, TOPSFLO will always stick to the field of micro-brushless DC pumps, and provide better water pumps and water pump solutions for customers in more industries around the world.

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