TOPSFLO Sales Team exceeded the 2nd Quarter Target Rewarding the collective provincial travel


Climbing or making a career not only needs tackling tough spirit, but also unite work . For an enterprise, a good sense of cooperation is the guarantee of start and the fulcrum of taking off. Founded in 2001, TOPSFLO has been focusing on training staff unity and cooperation, a sense of common career to produce infinite power. 
Everyone at TOPSFLO has a strong sense of belonging and collective, to understand the importance of teamwork and understand the significance of teamwork for themselves, their colleagues and the whole enterprise team. Every "TOPSFLO people" regards the unity and cooperation as their own responsibility, lets this spirit turn into their own work as a force to overcome all the difficulties on the way ahead, finally targeting the final victory, and goals of Enterprise’s development and growth, staff‘s happy life.
It is TOPSFLO that upholds the idea of growing companies and teams. Just as any other companies’ outstanding business team, TOPSFLO sets basic and incentive goals monthly, quaterly individually. Happily, TOPSFLO sales team exceeds quarter 2’s incentive target, following the quarter 1 outstanding performance. On the purpose of sales team to relax, enhance communication between colleagues and enhance mutual friendship and team spirit, TOPSFLO arranged sales team to enjoy holiday in a place where rich in culture and history of the ancient capital - Xi'an, Shanxi Province.

  Xi'an, an ancient city also called Chang'an, is located in the middle of Guanzhong Plain, north of the Weihe River, South of Qinling, eight rivers Running around. The Western Zhou Dynasty, the Northern Zhou Dynasty, the Sui Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty and the 13 dynasties totally, built their capital in Xi'an City (the year of which was 1077). It is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation, the starting point of the Silk Road.
Walking on this historical and cultural breeding ground, we first came to the satonishing historical sites Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, also referred to as Qin terracotta warriors and horses or figurines, is a category of ancient tomb sculpture. In 1987, Emperor Qin Shihuang’s Mausoleum and Terracotta Warriors were approved by UNESCO and listed into the inclusion of the "World Heritage List", and known as "the world's eighth wonder."

We have a deeper understanding of our country and the culture of the company, by the explanation of professionals.
Meanwhile, TOPSFLO sales team paid visit to the dangerous Mount Hua and conquered it, paid tribute to scholars and celebrities, and relaxed a lot after work, staying far away from cities and botherings. Mount Hua, also called "Xiyue" from ancient times, is one of the Chinese famous Five Sacred Mountains. Mount Hua is located in Weinan, Shanxi, and is the sacred mountain of the Chinese nation, where has gathered the Taoist mainstream Quanzhen faction, widely worshiped by the Chinese folk gods.

TOPSFLO’s team rewarding activity, to a great extent, increases the cohesion of the sales team, inspires everyone's morale and challenges the target with higher requirement, finally prroviding customers with more intimate&professional services.

Apart from the joy of the beauty during the tour, even more touching is that we are as close as families and friends. The journey is with laughter, intimacy and mutual care, and no person affects the whole team. It is obvious that the trip deepens the understanding between colleagues, closes distance of everyone and mak s the team more harmonious. The moment TOPSFLO sales team recollect this trip now, they already began to prepare a new round of work. I believe everyone will be more energetic, more enthusiasm during work, making contribution to building this family, because we all belong to one family, called TOPSFLO