Water-Tight Pumps 10 Years’ Quality as One


“Pump is used to pump water, how could it leak?” Carefully pondering, it sounds funny. In fact, it’s not put forward by TOPSFLO firstly, but from one of her very important clients.


The story origins from a European client’s visit in Jun of 2013, from the fast electric water heater industry. The client(let’s just called client A) paid close attention to quality. In particular, they hoped to find a truly water-tight pump supplier. As an expert in the industry, TOPSFLO was not surprised. By profound discussion, TOPSFLO learned that the currently purchased pumps from China did bring distress, so client A made this argument. 

Currently, there were mainly 3 problems for client A’s purchased pump:

First, as per each batch, there were always a few pumps leaking without O-ring assembled;

Second, a handful pumps head were cracking under 3Bar pressure test when pump was installed in the water heater;

Third, after some water heaters have been put into the market for a few months, a few of them will be found cracked and leaked.

Based on above three points, client A was very confused in the current product quality assurance, and received much complaints. Client A has also been complained to the current supplier, but situation wasn’t significantly improved. Thus, client A wanted to know how TOPSFLO see this issue and control quality if there existed same issue. As an expert in the industry, TOPSFLO fully comprehended the clients' pain and illustrated detailed reasons as following:

The first case encountered, a handful of pump leakage was caused by no 100% finished products pumping water comprehensive performance tests. In the current pump industry, the majority of pump manufacturers would only do about 5% sampling to approve the quality of the product. But TOPSFLO products are all approved by 100% pumping water test, comprehensive performance test and start-up test, hence the leakage of the seal can be completely avoided and eliminated.

For the second case, there would be cracking of few pump head under 3 bar pressure test.  TOPSFLO also explained to customers in details: this is mainly caused by undemanding air tightness test control. Most pump suppliers do not conduct air tightness test, or only 1kgs low-voltage and low-precision test. And how TOPSFLO handle this situation? TOSPFLO showed the client all test equipment: for each finished product, TOPSFLO uses a high-precision air tightness tester which is equivalent to the most stringent tightness test in automotive industry. And each product will be tested under 4Bar pressure by the high-precision 100kpa leakage value, then will be observed. if there is any invisible plastic product cracking or seal ring installed not well, all will be are tested, found out and eliminated. Client A fully understood and appreciated TOPSFLO’s pursuit of high quality.

As per the third case, TOSPFLO has her own understanding. If some of pumps leaked after being used for a few months or one year, it’s actually related to 2 aspects. One is the pump material selection. Currently, most of pump manufacturers have chosen domestic materials, which leads to impure material, then less purity when injected and with second-hand material included. So batch consistency can not be guaranteed, which may lead to uneven structure for a very small part of the product during injection molding. Then the product may leak after the hot water circulation or under pressure.

However, TOPSFLO all products’ materials are finely selected. In order to make the pump with best quality, TOPSFLO selects XYRON PPE especially for water industry, which can be directly used in urban pipelines.

Although TOPSFLO has to pay the imported PPE material 100% TT in advance each time and has been requested with MOQ 5 tons; when facing choice of high requirements, TOSPFLO is without any hesitation, just aiming to make product quality better and consistent. So TOPSFLO can ensure good product consistency in each batch. It’s because the strict material selection, TOSPFLO water heater pumps can withstand 10bar instant system pressure, while the ordinary water heater promises 4BAR; when ordinary pump manufacturers do 10Bar, TOPSFLO can make it up to 28Bar, to get a new breakthrough. On site, TOSPFLO showed the client 28Bar ultimate pressure test, and the pump was not broken. With all data and on-site exhibition, the client regained confidence and recognized TOPSFLO’s professionalism of the best. Immediately they determined the intention to cooperate with TOPSFLO. The visit was effective and client felt it a worthwhile trip with full harvest.

In 2013, TOPSFLO entered into formal cooperation with Client A, and now they are purchasing over 100,000 pcs water heater pumps each year. TOSPFLO has been constantly receiving the recognition from consumers. In addition, TOSPFLO quality has been keeping very low non-performing rate 1/100,000, also has won the recognition of customers and more opportunities for her own.

TOPSFLO is focused on the product as an industry support, we can make water-tight pumps and make it as one in 10 years. As an industry long-term support, TOPSFLO’s focus and starting point is how to make sure water pump can work 10 years or even 20 years without leakage on the customer's equipment, so TOPSFLO leverages all and does whatever it takes, seek best. TOPSFLO believes that quality is the soul of a product, but also a long-term business foundation in the industry. Only high quality products can let clients reliable, have significant development and create greater value.TOPSFLO high-end micro DC pump leader.