The unique quietness of TOPSFLO diaphragm air pump achieves strong competitiveness of customers


For a diaphragm air pump with a high vacuum pressure of 80KPA and a flow rate of 16L, the average noise in the domestic industry is generally recognized as 70dB, but for TOPSFLO, the leader in the micro-pump industry, has reached 65dB, which is 5dB below the industry average noise. But if we want to help customers in industries where quietness is the main market competitiveness, 5dB is far from enough.

When the Z company upgrade their products, they hope to take advantage of the unique low noise that exceeds the industry standard and reflect the strong market competitiveness of their own brands that cannot be surpassed. In the process of noise reduction in all dimensions of the product. Z company asked the diaphragm air pump manufacturers "whether the noise value of the air pump can be reduced by 10-15dB on the basis of maintaining the same price and parameters". This means that the final noise value of the pump needs to reach about 55dB.

For the working principle of the diaphragm pump itself, it is too difficult to achieve this noise value, and most manufacturers bluntly say that it is impossible, and a few manufacturers also say that they cannot do it after experimental testing. However, after five months of continuous research, the R&D engineers of TOPSFLO Micro DC Pump finally achieved a noise value of 55dB for the diaphragm air pump, which is a real breakthrough in the industry!

TM40A-B02 micro diaphragm gas pump optimization test data

micro diaphragm vacuum pump
TOPSFLO Micro Diaphragm Air Pump TM series are high-end products. This major breakthrough in noise is not only a breakthrough in the main core technology, but also benefited from TOPSFLO Micro Gas Pump's long-term persistence the following two points in the development and production of diaphragm air pumps:
1. TOPSFLO has a patented diaphragm structure, and the product structure is reasonably designed and compact, which can achieve high performance, low vibration and low noise.
2. TOPSFLO has always used high-quality imported bearings with high balance performance and good wear resistance, which can run efficiently for a long time and achieve low noise. The general domestic diaphragm air pump products generally use ordinary plastic single bearings, which are easy to wear and have a noise of up to 70dB.

The TOPSFLO  Micro diaphragm air pump, which achieves a new level and new height in the industry with a lower noise 55dB, has been highly praised by Z company. They said that TOPSFLO Pump's rigorous research spirit, professional R&D technology, and effective output have made them very satisfied. In the original words of the customer: "Based on the pursuit of more excellent products, we have proposed that the noise value can achieve 10-15dB lower than the general standard. Many diaphragm air pump manufacturers think that our demand is “abnormal irrational", and some suppliers have called it "unique and demanding." Only TOPSFLO conducted in-depth research on our needs and achieved a key breakthrough, and submitted us a satisfactory answer with breakthrough results. Your company’s rigorous attitude and R&D strength have also been highly recognized by our Japanese head office, which has strengthened our confidence in long-term cooperation with your company..."

On the road of "making the world use quite pumps", TOPSFLO has been insisting on walking for more than ten years. The breakthrough noise optimization in the diaphragm air pump this time is another verification of TOPSFLO Micro Pump's continued focus and breakthrough in technological innovation.