Looked at the stars, down to earth


 Last Friday, TOPSFLO organized some staffs of core departments to watch and learn the conference that recruit the father of the FAST (Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope)--Nan rendong as a model of the time published by Central Propaganda Department. The "model of the times" is a major national advanced model advocated by the Central Propaganda Department. It fully embodies the values of "patriotism, dedication, honesty and friendliness" and fully reflects the traditional Chinese virtues. It is a highly progressive, representative, contemporary and typical of advanced people.


Just one hour, let us know more about the Nan’s life. Prof. Nan, a researcher at National Astronomical Observatory of China, and he is the founder, Chief Scientist and the Chief Engineer of the Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) in China. For FAST project, as the initiator and founder, responsible for site selection, pre-research and project proposals, feasibility studies and preliminary designs. All the colleagues shed tears of excitement expressed the deep grief for the Death of Professor during the viewing process, tears full of our admiration for the patriotic spirit and selfless dedication of the Prof. Nan, also regret that the great scientist have no time to wait FAST make the remarkable discovery.
Prof. Nan said he has a dream that he could do something practical for the motherland. "Do something" is exactly what a thing, so that Prof. Nan paid one-third of the lifetime on it. For ordinary people, it is hard to imagine what kind of input is needed, what kind of dedication is required, and what kind of toughness is required to stick to the initial mind and half the hard work. Only this point, it is worth everyone thinking deeply, it is worth every company imitating.

The goal of TOPSFLO is to be the world-class micro dc pump brand. No matter how many years will take to realize this great vision, we will continue. This is the dream of TOPSFLO founder Richard Wang and the dream of every TOPSFLO staff. Under the guidance of quality principle, by the spirit of craftsmen, setting up the micro pump industry’s benchmark, we care about every detail, adhere to the mission of create value for customers, bring happiness to employees. Numerous Topsflo staff work conscientiously in their own workplace, make TOPSFLO grow from a start-up company to the well-known pump solution expert in this industry.
Prof. Nan teach us not only insistence, but also rigorous. He used his own life to interpret "rigorous treatment of science is the best attitude." As a high-tech innovative enterprise, TOPSFLO insist rigorous in technology and strict in quality. It is the foundation for us to survive. Treat every detail and every innovation carefully, it needs repeated verification, insist on using data to speak and using result to prove. Sixteen years’pursuit of quality, interpret the pump standard by heart, through adopting imported raw materials, strictly control quality from the resource; and introducing high-end imported equipment to create high-precision and high consistency products. 38 rigorous testing, adhere to the quality, this is why our water pump have a higher reputation in the industry than other brands. Because of our responsibility for the products and customers, the belief has always been rooted in the minds of every TOPSFLO staff.
Looked at the stars, down-to-earth, TOPSFLO will always make steady progress towards our great goal. Prof. Nan spending twenty years as a day dedicated to science dedication will also inspire every TOPSFLO staff keep trying to make "Made in China" as the name of high quality.