Choose a good performance cooling water pump to keep the laser equipment running with high efficiency


The laser chiller is a cooling device that cools the generator of the laser equipment by water circulation. It can control the use temperature of the laser generator so that the laser generator can maintain normal operation for a long time. It is an indispensable part of the operation of the laser equipment.The working principle of the laser water chiller is to inject a certain amount of water into the case, the water is cooled by the refrigeration system, and then the cooling water is circulated to the laser equipment through a water pump, and the reciprocating cycle achieves the purpose of refrigeration. Among them, the Laser Cutting Machine Cooling Water Pump plays an important role as the "heart" of the system, and its main functions are:
1.Promote the circulation of coolant to realize the cooling and heat dissipation of the laser tube
If the working temperature of the laser tube is too high, it will cause irreversible damage and weaken the laser output power. Working at high temperature for a long time will greatly shorten the life of the laser tube.

2. Provide larger head and more stable flow, to maintain the performance of the chiller
Unstable water circulation or too small head, it will easily cause poor heat dissipation of the laser chiller module and Q head, and easily cause dirty and blockage, which directly affects the performance and service lifetime of the laser chiller.
A high-performance laser cooling circulating pump must have the characteristics of large flow, high head, stable flow, good sealing and no leakage, long lifetime, silent, etc. As a leader in the domestic micro brushless centrifugal water pump industry, Topsflo has focused on micro water pumps for 16 years, has excellent technical strength and super high customer recognition.

The professional laser chiller circulating pump TL-B10 produced by Topsflo has the following characteristics:
1. Large flow and water head: max flow rate can reach 12L/min, max head can reach 8M, which is good for the heat dissipation of the laser. At the same time, it has the characteristics of stable flow rate, small size, light weight, space saving, easy installation, and can greatly improve the operating efficiency of the machine.
2. Good sealing and no leakage. The TL-B10 pump adopts a static seal design, and the pump cavity completely isolates the liquid from the motor; it adopts Japanese imported PPE plastic raw materials, which has high strength, stable structure, no deformation, no leakage after long-term operation. Also, it use integrated injection molded rotor by a Japanese enterprise, the rotor is high precision, good sealing and no leakage.
3. The lifetime is up to 25000 hours. It can avoid affecting the life of the laser chiller due to the short life of the pump. The TL-B10 Laser chiller cooling water pump can work 24 hours a day for a long time, with a long life, safe and efficient, stable operation without aging.
4. Low noise. TL-B10 miniature brushless DC pump adopts the industry's unique anti-water conservancy noise reduction technology, unique patented silent rotor, low noise and stable.
5. The product has a high degree of batch-to-batch consistency, and the pump has no failure rate.
3D Laser Cutting Machine Cooling Water Circulating Pump

Topsflo always takes batch consistency and stability of pumps as its primary pursuit. In order to achieve this pursuit, Topsflo has introduced global advanced manufacturing and testing equipment to build a fully automated electronic production line, which truly realizes high-efficiency production and avoids risks caused by traditional manual operations. In cooperation with the customer in the laser engraving industry, Topsflo has won the trust of the customer with its extremely high failure-free rate, high quality product, and strict product control, and on this basis both sides have reached a long-term and stable cooperation.

A high-quality laser chiller can achieve a high quality and high-end laser equipment, but a suitable and excellent laser cooling circulating pump can make the laser chiller play its maximum efficiency. Refusing to let inferior pumps to lose your brand influence, start with choosing a suitable pump. Topsflo focuses on laser cooling circulation pumps with high quality, strong performance, timely and superior service, and has many international authoritative customers with its rich industry experience and product customization experience. Topsflo is definitely a reliable choice for you.