Demystifying | why the world's well-known hot drink machine companies have all chosen TOPSFLO pumps


Kitchen hot water drink machine, also called instant hot drink machine, instant boiling/chilled drinking water system,  boiling tap - is an equipment system that can heat drinking water to a temperature close to the boiling point in 2 seconds or less. It is suitable for kitchens, bars, and offices. , Leisure places, community clubs, tea rooms, etc., making tea, brewing coffee, etc. are very convenient, and it has been popularized very early in foreign countries.

Under-sink Instant Hot Water Dispenser Pump

However, for many hot drink machine companies,  the product quality and lifetime are difficult to break through because it needs to maintain a high temperature of 98-100 degrees for a long time.  They have encountered many problems when using hot water pumps:  
-some water pumps plastic shells have deformation and aging at high temperatures, resulting in potential safety hazards of leakage; 
-some pumps noise become louder after using for a period of time, which caused consumers complaints; 
-some pump have unstable flow when producing hot water, especially at high temperatures, the flow will become very small even to zero; 
-and some pumps life cannot meet the requirements, and they will need to be replaced after just a few months of use.
Aiming at solving the industry pain points, TOPSFLO has specially developed the B03 and B10 series pumps for kitchen hot drink machine high temperature usage.  Since the new product was launched in 2014, it has been successfully equipped with many well-known hot drinks in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Taiwan, Japan, China and other countries. The machine has been used by customers for many years and has been very satisfied so far.  In addition to the low-noise, high-quality characteristics of boiling drink machines high-temperature pumps , what are the unique advantages of TOPSFLO's high-temperature pumps that have attracted so many internationally renowned companies?   Following I will reveal the secrets one by one for everyone.
 Under-sink Instant Hot Water Dispenser Pump

First of all, in response to the 98-100 degree high temperature problem that the industry is most concerned about, TOPSFLO pumps have comprehensively solved all high temperature hidden dangers for customers from materials and technology :
1. TOPSFLO high temperature pump adopts Japanese original imported Xyron PPE high temperature resistant plastic material. Compared with other ordinary products of PA or domestic plastic, it has higher temperature resistance and better reliability;
2. Adopt injection-molded magnetic integrated rotor, and Japanese imported magnets can withstand high temperature of 460 degrees;
3. Using well-known brand enameled wire, the highest temperature resistance is 180-220 degrees.
Secondly, when the water boils, a large number of bubbles will be produced, which is easy to trap and block the gas, resulting in reduced flow and noise problems, so gas exhaust becomes a very critical problem.  TOPSFLO engineering team has more than 20 years of experience in the research and development of micro brushless DC pumps, they have directly participated in customer pipeline installation design for many times, so very familar about the customer’s problems and provides customers with professional solutions and optimized design support to achieve the best match with the customer's application: such as strengthen the sealing of the water inlet and outlet design,  patent exhaust design, ways of acceleratting exhaust combined with the actual installation position etc.
Finally, the pump material passed WRAS and FDA food certification. Most people is familiar with FDA, it is recognized as one of the largest food and drug regulatory agencies in the world. It has very strict requirements and is directly recognized by the US market.  Then what is WRAS ? How powerful is it?  WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) certification refers to the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme, and WRAS is a certification for drinking water safety in the UK, also a necessary license for the UK market, the most convincing proof. Currently, there is no laboratory authorized by WRAS in China to certify water pump products, so in order to do this certification, TOPSFLO Pumps all components and materials are sent directly to the British laboratory for testing. The testing process is also very strict. After one year of testing, the certification was successfully obtained. After the certificate is granted by WRAS, it will be re-inspected regularly to ensure the long-term safety and health of the product. It can be said that there are very few domestic water pump companies that comply with FDA and WRAS certification. This is also a very obvious advantage of TOPSFLO Pump becoming the preferred partner of large companies. All materials of the product are absolutely safe and secure.
Integrated many technical advantages, TOPSFLO pumps have achieved the ultimate in noise quietness, high temperature safety, food safety,  stable and reliable for batches. TOPSFLO made the pumps by heart, taking the highest standards and full comprehensive design into considerations, its performance are properly comparable with German and Japanese big brand pumps, besides, the cost is much competitive, so TOPSFLO pumps have become the first choice for high-end applications by many internationally renowned customers.  Sincerely hope that the TOPSFLO high temperature pump can bring a safe and quiet hot drink machine comfortable experience to more families !