A Water Boiler Pump That Can Truly Withstand Extreme High Temperature Continuously


TOPSFLO solves the industry difficulty of high-temperature resistance

As a pump manufacturer in dc micro pump industry for over 17 years, TOPSFLO has been focusing on R&D, manufacturing and export of high-end micro brushless DC water pump since 2005, adhering to independent brand; Like many German enterprises with industry reputation, the company only concentrates on one product for hundreds of years but makes this product reach the best level in their respective field, this is also what TOPSFLO pursue. Just as we deeply understand that it is not easy to do a high-temperature pump, let alone to do a pump that can withstand extreme high temperature for a Long time. Because making a high-temperature pump is closely related to every minor part and solution, so as to achieve the overall and long-term high temperature resistance. However, TOPSFLO is not afraid of this industry difficulty, and adheres to independent R&D and breakthrough, finally completing the extreme verification of long-term operation of TL-B04 water boiler pump, and successfully received highly favorable feedback from market.
food grade brushess dc water pump topsflo

At present, the most of customers using water boiler pump in the market constantly face the following problems, which are difficult to be solved and have been troubled for many years:
1. Deformation of plastic materials under high temperature
2. Components fail and burn out under high temperature
3. Motor burns down under high temperature
4. After running at high temperature for a period of time, the flow rate weakens

After 2 years of research, validation and in-depth communication with customers about actual problems and requirements of water boiler machine, TOPSFLO’s professional TL-B04 high-temperature water boiler pump could solve above industry problems, and combined with customer equipment to optimize and achieve maximum efficiency reliability of operation:

1. Shell plastic material: using Korean high-temperature and food-grade PPS plastic parts, never using mixed materials and returning materials, no cracking or deformation after long-term and high-temperature use.
2. Supporting long-term and high-temperature electronic solution: in the early stage of electronic solution design, considering the extreme operating conditions of strong and weak power zoning, the allowance design is sufficient, and there is no failure risk in long-term high-temperature use; Adopting international brand electronic components, long-term and high-temperature use is stable and reliable, such as Samsung, Yageo, Melexis, DT, ST, etc.
3.Patented high-temperature exhaust design, which can effectively solve the problem of cavitation: with the unique invention patented high-temperature exhaust rotor, under different temperatures, the weakened flow rate is within 10%, and the flow output is stable at high temperature, no increase in noise and unstable flow.
4. All products have passed CQC quality certification, CE, RoHS, REACH, WRAS, FDA, NSF and other international certification, in line with the standard of drinking food industry.
5. Long-term and high-temperature verification: according to the actual working conditions of the water boiler industry, the simulation of continuous and intermittent tests in extreme high temperature are carried out in a targeted manner, and verification is fully reliable, solving the long-term intolerant high-temperature use of safety risks of water pump in the industry.
6. Focusing on the high-end market for more than 17 years, TOPSFLO has been serving many Fortune 500 companies, especially in the water boiler industry, accumulating rich experience from major customers and cooperating with many world-renowned brands: BDR, Sakura, 3M, Billi, Kohler, Tesla, Whirlpool, etc., has served over 10,000 customers totally.
If you have water boiler product under development or needs to be improved, if a water pump that can withstand high temperature and 100 ℃ operation continuously, TOPSFLO would be your first priority.
In the future, TOPSFLO will continue to adhere to the vision of "creating cutting-edge products in the world's micro-pump industry and becoming a respected century-old brand", and will continue to research and breakthrough industry problems to achieve the goal of a century-old leader in the micro-pump industry.