TOPSFLO helps customers overcome high-temperature food problems and successfully obtains the order from the first-line brand company


A highly creative project that cannot be advanced because of the lack of core components. How much loss will it bring to the company?

Beijing LY catering equipment LTD has been leading the industry with equipment creativity, and has maintained long-term cooperative relationships with many well-known companies in the domestic food industry such as Master Kong, Foxconn, Little Sheep, CP group, Yum, Xinladao, etc. However, LY's products are generally unique and innovative. The company is often hindered by various problems during research and development. In 2019, LY encountered a problem when developing a brand new and highly creative catering equipment-the core component of the equipment, the 12v 24v micro water pump, could not meet their requirements. This problem greatly delayed the development of the project. After comprehensive test data analysis, the R&D came to the following conclusions regarding the problem of the micro water pump they used:
1. Ignoring the importance of water pumps in the early stage, the water pumps are manufactured in small factories, and the quality is worrying after reliability testing.
2. The production of small factories causes the pumps to fail to meet the food-grade needs of the catering industry
3. The water pump itself has problems with its performance and cannot really withstand high temperatures

After a comprehensive review, in July 2019, LY's R&D personnel re-submitted a new water pump purchase application to its purchasing department. The application clearly stated that a high-temperature, food-grade DC brushless water pump is required. And be sure to lock in and choose the pump brand with the highest reputation in the industry. In September 2019, after careful analysis and investigation, the LY company took the initiative to contact the sales engineer of TOPSFLO.

As one of the first domestic manufacturers to enter the micro DC brushless pump industry, TOPSFLO has provided professional pump customized services and water technology solutions for hundreds of high-end companies in more than 60 countries around the world for 16 years. Reliable product quality, complete product and system certification, and one-stop attentive service have been highly recognized by customers around the world. At the same time, it also has an acclaimed reputation in the industry.
In the preliminary communication with LY company, the sales engineer recommended a high temperature resistant, food-grade micro brushless DC pump TL-C01 in TOPSFLO.Under the condition that the specifications and parameters of the water pump meet the needs of customers, TOPSFLO promises to customers that all materials used in the products adopt food-grade standard materials and can provide customers with relevant food-grade certification. So LY company immediately ordered a few samples for testing.
In October 2019, the TL-C01 brushless dc water pump samples passed the customer's high temperature resistance, quietness, life, performance and other tests.
At the same time, TOPSFLO helped the customer to carry out their products industry's food-grade certification together. In their certification process, the complete product certification of TOPSFLO and the timeliness and comprehensiveness of all materials can directly provide food-grade test reports, which will greatly help customers to obtain their products report from domestic authoritative organizations. In the end, LY company successfully passed the national production technology standard (standard number: Q/LYT-TXJ0001-2019),

At the beginning of 2020, after LY used our company's pumps TL-C01 for small batch trial production, LY Company started to deliver machines to its key customers KFC, Little Sheep and other brands. The performance of its products has won unanimous praise from their customers. In the middle of 2020, LY began mass production and reached a stable cooperation with TOPSFLO.

The one-stop attentive service, complete system certification and stable and reliable high-quality products of TOPSFLO have gained the sincere appreciation and trust of customers. In 2020, when TOPSFLO enterprise service upgrade and marketing center moved to the new building, LY company specially sent a congratulatory message to express their blessing to our company, recognition of this partnership and expectation for future continuous cooperation.
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Produce a good pump,so that customers can use it with absolute confidence. On the road of adhering to quality, TOPSFLO has always been firmly focused on solving problems for customers and providing customers with one-stop caring service. TOPSFLO also firmly believes that only genuine ingenuity can help customers achieve a win-win brand and gain long-term recognition and reputation in the market.
In the future, our company will continue to adhere to create unique value for customers.