New generation high efficiency and comfortable Electric Instant Water Heater Booster Pump


Water heater pressure unstable, showering water too hot or too cold, how to do?

Water heater water flow not enough, how to do?

Water heater water flow&temperature can not control, how to do?

Low water pressure influence our daily life, how to do?

A good water heater should be satisfied with people everywhere, let showering follow one's inclinations, make showering very relax and satisfied ! TOPSFLO specialized Electric Instant Water heater DC water pump TL-C01 is just the one matchable with your water heater well, provide the professional solutions for Water Heater industry issues.

The traditional water heater without booster pump or use the traditional AC pump, which is big size not convenient for installation, not beautiful and big power consumption, big noise and not safe; however TOPSFLO DC water pump TL-C01 is specialized research and development with the compact size design can install in water heater directly, long lifetime above 20000hours, low DC voltage more safe, lower noise ≦48dB.  A lot of professional & capable companies in the world who have ever used Ametek,Mach,Grundfo,Sanso pump, now use TOPSFLO TL-C01 pump instead and have highly recognition of TOPSFLO pump quality, get a new breakthrough in the field of water heater and won a larger sales market.

electric instant water heater pump

TOPSFLO professional water heater pump TL-C01has the unique advantages:

1. Powerful 3phase brushless motor, realize larger flow rate 24L/min and high water head 11m, higher efficiency 30% than the normal pump(18L/min) in market. 

2. Intelligence era, microcomputer control: used the ATMEL chips from US

3. Plastic injection and rotor process use the Japanese advanced equipment and technology, high precision, ultra-silence

4. Original Xyron PPE material imported from Japan, WARS approved in UK, quality guaranteed

5. Water flow can be controlled by PWM, better control showering water flow and temperature

6. Professional Water Switching power supply can be customized, realize the AC to DC transform and function control of the water heater. 

TOPSFLO brushless DC water pump TL-C01, with rapid trend, become the new star of the electric instant water heater field, rapidly occupy the water heater pump market and especially popular with European and American customers. The TL-C01 pump using the latest advanced technology, to be the best booster pump specialist and realized the new technology breakthrough in water heater industry !  TOPSFLO Electric Instant Water Heater booster pump TL-C01 is the best choice for your comfortable showering !