On the Application and Advantages and Disadvantages of AC Pump and DC Pump in Dishwasher


Josephine Cochrane, granddaughter of steamboat inventor John Fitch, is the mother of modern dishwashers. She exhibited her invention at the 1893 World's Fair. Dishwashers at the time were still manual. Automatic dishwashers appeared in the 1920s.
The first patent for machine dishwashing appeared in 1850, owned by Joel Houghton, who invented the manual dishwasher.
In 1929, the German company Miele produced the first electric household dishwasher in Europe, but his appearance was still a relatively simple "machine" and was not closely related to the overall family environment.
The appearance of the dishwasher has greatly reduced the burden of people's work in the kitchen, completely liberated their hands, and reduced daily household frictions, increasing the atmosphere of family harmony. Now, whether in restaurant or at home, dishwashing has become more convenient and efficient, brings neatness, hygiene and ease.
dishwasher dc water pump
Such a good product, do you know how it works? Mainly divided into the following 3 steps:
Step 1: Preparation for cleaning.
When the dishwasher is just running, it is necessary to remove the residual water stains in the dishwasher first to avoid secondary pollution. Then the process of water injection began. After the water was injected to a certain extent, the first round of cleaning work began.
Step 2: Focus on cleaning.
Through the first step of cleaning, the inner dishes with lighter oil stains have been washed away, while those with heavy oil stains need to be cleaned with high intensity through this second step.
Step 3: Final Cleaning.
Through the second step of cleaning, the dishwasher has become clean, and the third is the high-temperature disinfection function, which makes the dishes clean.
The above is the whole process of the dishwasher.
The detailed working principle diagram can refer to the following illustration:

Not sure if you have noticed that all these steps are inseparable from the spray nozzle to clean the dishes. The reason why the water sprayed from the spray nozzle can wash the dishes is because there is a dishwasher pump. The high-pressure flushing force generated by the pump washes the oil stains and food residues on the tableware and chopsticks to achieve the purpose of cleaning the tableware and chopsticks. Generally, the pressure of the AC pump is relatively large, but the cost is high and the size is large.

At present, there are two types of dishwasher pumps on the market: one is a micro DC pump, and the other is a micro AC pump. Which one is better?
Micro AC pump, that is a small pump with AC power supply. The 220V mains used, the commutation is changed by the frequency of the mains 50HZ, the speed is very low, there are no electronic components in the AC pump, and it can withstand high temperatures below 70 degrees.
Advantages and disadvantages of micro AC pump:
Advantages: The price is cheap, and there are many manufacturers.
Disadvantages: large size, high noise, high weight, inconvenient to carry, high protection level requirements, and the possibility of electric shock if used improperly.
Micro DC pump refers to a pump that uses a DC power supply to drive a brushless motor. Using 4.5V ~ 24V DC power supply, the micro DC pump adopts electronic components for commutation, no need to use carbon brush for commutation, and uses high performance wear-resistant ceramic shaft and ceramic shaft sleeve. The shaft sleeve is integrated with the magnet by injection molding, which avoid wear and tear, so the life of the brushless DC magnetic pump is greatly enhanced.

Advantages and disadvantages of micro DC pump:
Advantages: long life, low noise below 35dB, high precision, good shock resistance, high temperature resistance below 100 degrees.
Disadvantages: high price.
At present, most dishwashers use AC pump, but with the improvement of people's living standards, the quality requirements for household appliances are getting higher and higher, and DC pump will gradually replace AC pump. Because the disadvantages of AC pump are exactly what people want to improve the quality of life.
Especially for high temperature resistance, AC pump can generally only withstand high temperatures below 70 degrees, but DC pump can withstand high temperatures below 100 degrees. The DC pump can meet the application of low pressure rinsing pump.
To free your hands, you need a good dishwasher, and a good dishwasher needs a pump that is quieter, safer, and more resistant to high temperatures. TOPSFLO has been working hard for your dishwashing career.