Analysis of the Application and Superiority of Membrane Pumps in Digital Direct Inkjet Printing Machines


Diaphragm pump is an indispensable key equipment for digital direct inkjet printing machine. With its unique structure and superior performance, the diaphragm liquid pump provides strong support for the production and manufacturing of digital direct inkjet printing machines.

The working principle of diaphragm liquid pump is to use the energy of air pressure or hydraulic pressure to compress a pair of symmetrical elastic membrane to achieve the transfer of liquid. Its advantages include good sealing, strong suction and discharge capacity, excellent self-priming performance and long service life, which well meet the special requirements of digital direct inkjet printing machines for precision control and stability. We will discuss the detailed application, superiority and trends in digital direct inkjet printing diaphragm pumps below.

I. Application
Digital direct inkjet printing machine is a new traditional printing technology that uses digital inkjet technology to print pictures directly onto the surface of fabrics. It is widely used in textile, garment, shoes and hats industries due to the advantages of various aspects such as printing color, printing effect and cost.

In digital direct inkjet printing machine applications, diaphragm pumps provide positive and negative pressure acting on the ink chamber, thus performing multiple functions such as creating a negative pressure environment, cleaning the printhead, pressure reduction and stabilization, pigment control and fluid transfer within the inkjet printing machine . These applications require the direct inkjet printing pump to be in long-term operation, withstand the high frequency of gas-consuming operations, and maintain a stable pressure. In addition, the ink and volatile gases contain organic volatile and corrosive components, due to the long-term exposure to these substances, micro diaphragm liquid pumps need to have good chemical resistance. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the quality of the finished product inkjet printing, it is essential to control the accuracy and stability of the inkjet fluid at high inkjet speeds.

II. Superiority
1. High precision
Membrane pumps are used in digital direct inkjet printing machines to achieve precision control of the inkjet fluid, greatly improving the accuracy and precision of printing. In addition, the membrane liquid pump can also smoothly control parameters such as inkjet time and pressure without elevating the complexity of the inkjet process, ensuring the stability and accuracy of color and print quality.

2. Good self-priming performance
The self-priming ability of membrane pump makes it possible to carry out normal suction work even when the liquid is lower than the pump body, which reduces the maintenance difficulty of printing equipment.

3. Easy to operate
Membrane pump is very simple to use, only need to prepare the right amount of printing solution poured into the pump body, easy to operate, and do not need too many workers to operate.

4. Long service life
Due to the excellent corrosion and wear resistance of the membrane pump, the membrane pump has a long service life and can be kept working at a high operating efficiency for a long time.

As mentioned above, the membrane pump plays an extremely important role in the digital direct inkjet printing machine, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of traditional printing technology. Through the application of membrane pumps, digital direct inkjet printing machine has become a prominent representative of the industry's performance.

III. Market Trends
Currently, digital direct inkjet printers are facing many new challenges. When printing tasks change, users need fast printing and quick response. Coupled with the industry's recent environmental initiatives (such as the increasing use of water-based inks) also present challenges that require innovative and customized technology solutions.

As one of the leading membrane pump manufacturers, TOPSFLO responds to these trends by providing customers with the most appropriate solutions that help meet their challenges and offering a choice of components in different materials, motors, and voltage configurations to ensure long-lasting, efficient operation of the products in any environment.

Each membrane pump product from TOPSFLO is tested before shipment to ensure extremely high quality and reliability for years of continuous operation. Moreover, its self-priming performance and simple operation can improve the efficiency and stability of the production line and reduce breakdowns in the production process.

At present, TOPSFLO membrane pumps have been affirmed by well-known customers in a wide range of markets such as Japan, Israel, USA, UK, India and China.

Customer Case: A digital direct inkjet printing equipment manufacturer in Shenzhen uses TOPSFLO membrane pump

The manufacturer uses TOPSFLO membrane pump product TF30 for color control and liquid transfer, and has achieved good results. TF30 has a reasonable and compact overall design, high performance, low power consumption, low noise, and also has a long life, maintenance-free characteristics. Especially its excellent self-priming performance, high pressure, suction force >30kpa, pressure >1bar, reduces the failure in the production process. Its excellent structural design and convenient operation provide long-term guarantee for the stability and efficiency of the production line, which greatly improves the product quality and market reputation of customers.

In the field of digital direct printing machine manufacturing, as the core component of printing equipment, TOPSFLO digital direct printing pump makes the production and manufacturing process more efficient, stable and reliable, and is worthy of consideration and selection by the R&D and purchasing personnel of the majority of professional printer manufacturers.