What are the features of DC water pumps and AC water pumps?


In recent years, DC pumps have been well known by many companies for their small size, low power, and high safety factor. Engineers are considering upgrading the original AC pumps to DC pumps. So, what are the characteristics of AC water pumps and DC water pumps? This article will explain it one by one for you.

AC water pump features
AC water pumps, that is, water pumps powered by AC power, are generally driven by AC motors with a voltage higher than 36V.

The commutation of the AC water pump is changed by the 50HZ frequency of the mains supply,which is easy to use,and there are many manufacturers supply AC pumps, and the price is relatively cheap.

1. Low security. It is well known that the safe voltage for human body is 36V, while the AC pump uses AC power supply above 220V, which requires high insulation. Once the line is damaged, it is very likely to cause electric shock and cause a safety accident.
2. Low lifespan. AC pump motors generally use copper-clad aluminum wire cores. The temperature of the motor is generally 120°C, whose lifespan is short. The power consumption is higher than that of DC water pumps when achieving the same parameter performance.
3. High noise. The motor technology used in AC pumps is outdated and the materials are cheap. The noise of common AC pumps is above 40db(A). As the use time increases, the noise becomes louder and louder.
4. The quality varies. The quality of AC pumps on the market is uneven, and the parameters are generally false. Sometimes it feels powerless or too strong during use.

DC water pump Features
A DC water pump, that is, a water pump whose power source is DC, is generally driven by a DC motor lower than 36V. According to the different motors used, it can be divided into brushed DC water pumps and brushless DC water pumps.

1. Safer. Most of the popular brushless DC water pumps on the market have a rated operating voltage of 3.5V~24V, which is lower than the human body safety voltage of 36V. This greatly improves the safety of the water pump and can avoid safety accidents such as electric shocks caused by damaged AC pump wires. In areas with unstable voltage, the power adapter (transformer) is equipped to provide stable voltage to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the water pump, and the corresponding battery can still be used for power supply in case of power failure, so there is no need to worry about the pump stopping due to power failure.
2. Longer lifetime. Adopting advanced brushless DC technology and the latest process design, the working lifetime exceeds 20,000 hours, the temperature of the motor is low, and the long-term operation temperature does not change much.
3. Lower noise. The unique shock-absorbing and noise-reducing design not only stabilizes the pump body, but also effectively reduces noise, and the maximum noise does not exceed 40db.
4. More efficient. The brushless DC pump solves the problems of low energy efficiency, large volume and high noise of the AC pump. Generally speaking, the efficiency of a DC pump with the same volume can be 2-3 times that of an AC pump.
5. Intelligent control can be realized. The AC pump is not controlled by the drive board, so it is not suitable for intelligent control occasions. However, brushless DC pumps can customize various control functions, such as speed regulation, temperature difference control, reverse voltage protection (polarity protection), dry-running protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, etc.

As long as the motor rotates in the brushed DC water pump, the carbon brushes will wear out. After the water pump runs for a period of time, the wear gap of the carbon brushes will become larger, and the noise will also increase accordingly. After hundreds of hours of continuous operation, the carbon brush cannot play the role of commutation.

Brushless DC water pump solution
After 18 years of concentrated research, Topsflo has produced micro brushless DC water pumps that overcome various problems existing in AC pumps and brushed DC water pumps.
The rotor part is made of permanent magnet material, the pump body is made of environmenta-friendly materials, and it adopts the high-precision wear-resistant shaft sleeve and the rotor are injection molded into one body to avoid wear and tear.
At the same time, Topsflo brushless DC pumps use imported high-temperature-resistant raw materials, which can bear strong pressure and can operate at high temperature and high pressure for a long time. The high-temperature resistance can reach as high as 125°C. It is also fully suitable for automotive engine cooling and heat dissipation systems that require high heat resistance of the pump.
After multi-party verification and feedback, Topsflo brushless DC water pumps have excellent performance in high temperature resistance, quietness, long lifetime, batch consistency, etc., and have won praise and trust from many customers at home and abroad.
If you have a need for micro brushless DC water pump, please contact us, Topsflo engineers will provide you with the most stable and reliable water pump solution!