Congratulations on Topsflo won “THE BEAUTY OF MADE IN CHINA ” Award


 “The beauty of made in China”which is refer to the shocked world rapid developing pace of the Chinese making products and technology.

In the “ 2016 The beauty of made in China” yearly contest, our TD5 Home Brewing Pump won the finalist among the machine and accessories industry. The contest is co-hosted by China Industrial Design Association, Southern Weekend and Made-in-China, which is specially set for all kinds of advance products and design of SMEs. The idea is to break the traditional view of "Made in China" as being cheap, low end and low value-added label, let the world further recognize the quality and the design ability of current China enterprise, meanwhile access to more oversea market bargaining opportunities . Ultimately the unique design and exquisite craft makes our TD5 pump stand out against more than 3 thousand of competitors.

TD5 DC Home Brewing Pump is a good combination of the advantage of market current famous AC brewing pump and our DC brushless centrifugal. Our pump possess all the strengths of DC pump, comparing to AC pump, which is more silence and safety, compact inner construction, light weight, mini shape,and of cause easy installing way.

TD5 core competencies lies in its pump housing inner construction and electronic design two parts. Home brewing fluid is high temperature  high viscosity wort, so that common impeller will be a problem for easy to block during using and hard to clear the inner part of the pump.The inner construction superiority is its patented revised integrative of injection molding open type impeller, which will greatly alleviate the block problem, with it the pump working more smooth, no pollution without residue, giving delightful easy operating experience. For the electronic parts, we are honored to introduce the optimized PCBA layout, which endow TD5 pump both higher efficiency and bigger flow rate, and give more pump self-protection over AC pump, such as over-temperature protection, block protection,over-current protection, and polarity protection, etc., which relatively extending the service life of the pump in the client side.
Besides, TD5 is specially designed for home brewing industry, so all the wetted parts we chooses FDA certificated food grade raw material. Its high performance wear-resistant precision steel shaft and bushing, its self-designed integrative of injection molding shaft sleeve and rotor highly, avoid the abrasion of the inner part and improve the whole pump hardware using time.

For the service aspect, except the detailed using and installation guide, we also provide a high quality accessories for it, such as the high toughness of the damping rubber bracket, and adapter is provided by Meanwell who is international well know professional adapter producer.
Currently the varies of Chinese making products’ overall quality makes the excellent products cannot be widely know, the Chinese products also can not create a positive image in China from the social cognitive, and instead that people know from all kinds of media to get the information that Chinese products is Cheap, low quality problem products. Topsflo pump will keep relying on our technological innovation to improve the quality of our products and help “made in China”goods move upward in the industrial value chain. Do everything we can to shaft the Chinese products label from “Made in China” to “Created in China”gradually, make the Chinese making as a stand of high quality.