TOPSFLO Water Pump of Charger: empowering higher-quality Chargers to stand on the streets of Wall


In the busy streets of Wall Street, rows of chargers play an important role, which provide great convenience to the car, supporting the flow of traffic in the bustling scene. It is proud that there is a TOPSFLO water pump in each Charger, which contains TOPSFLO people's adherence and dedication to brushless dc water pump high quality over the years.

Enterprise T occupies a market leader position in the field of charging hardware, with advanced design and manufacturing know-how. At present, its products have been sold to 41 countries around the world, and it is the world's leading provider of fast charging solutions for electric vehicles. Whether it is in the severe cold temperature of -35°C or the hot temperature of 50°C, it can provide a stable and reliable power supply solution. As we know, the high and low temperature of the Charger means that the pump that transports liquid needs to reach the corresponding operating level. And in this case, TOPSFLO, as a supplier of micro water pumps for T company, has played a huge role in its cooling circulation system with high quality product, helping T company build safer and more reliable outdoor Chargers.

First acquaintance opportunity: the sublimation of TOPSFLO's long-term accumulation behind it

In 2017, T company is developing a new outdoor electric vehicle Charger project. Because the design concept is advanced and in order to ensure the performance of the Charger to achieve the expected results, T company has extremely high standards for the quality of the parts used. As the power source in the cooling circulation system of the Charger, the micro water pump plays a vital role in the safety and reliability of the Charger. However, T company has conducted technical communication with many pump manufacturers, and tested a variety of pumps on the market, but the results were not satisfactory.

In July 2017, in a large international exhibition, T company saw TOPSFLO brushless Mini DC centrifugal pump in an internationally famous German Charger cooling system. This cooling system has always been known to the public for its high performance, and it is also the product series of our long-term cooperation customers. The idea of taking industry benchmark as the standard became the opportunity for T enterprise to send the first email to our company.
This opportunity may seem accidental, but it is not just accidental. For TOPSFLO, behind this opportunity is our company's 16 years of focus on micro water pumps, and has been promoting its own development with high standards and strict requirements. It also contains the precipitation and sublimation of our long-term continuous efforts to focus on the European and American markets and constantly develop the international high-end market.

So far, TOPSFLO has exported its products to more than 60 countries around the world and has a long-term and stable cooperation with many leading brands in the international industry.
Obviously, the long-term customer accumulation not only enables our company to harvest a lot of industry experience, but also brings us more opportunities.

Strict test: stand out with high quality and enterprise strength

TOPSFLO sales engineers recommended two models of water pumps to T enterprise for different parameter requirements, and promptly sent samples, at the same time, fully cooperating with The R & D department and quality department of T enterprise to test and inspect the cooling water pump.

In nearly 3 years of rigorous testing, TOPSFLO sales engineers and R&D engineers actively cooperate with customers to carry out -45° low temperature test, 125° high temperature resistance test, 24h*100 days continuous operation test, acceleration, aging and other tests. After three years of reliability testing and limit testing, our two pumps have become the only qualified products among many pumps, so that customers firmly choose TOPSFLO as their ultimate partner.

In addition to the test results that satisfy T company, TOPSFLO’s hard power also make T company to feel at ease and assured compared to ordinary manufacturers after detailed evaluation.

1.TOPSFLO has a professional technical team and can timely solve customers' technical problems.
——TOPSFLO has been deeply engaged in micro pump industry for 16 years, and has a professional team of electrical, electronic, structure, process and mold engineers. We provide professional technical services to customers, and can help customers solve problems faster and accelerate the development process.

2.In terms of quality system and product certification, TOPSFLO has passed the most stringent German TÜV ISO9001 and IATF 16949 quality system certification in the industry, so Topsflo is more guaranteed in quality management and quality control.

3.TOPSFLO's products have passed REACH, CE, RoHS, FDA, WRAS and other international certifications, which can improve the acceptance of customers' products in the European and American markets, so that customers will have no worries about market development.

4.90% of the raw material of the pump is imported from abroad, which makes it more stable and resistant to high temperature; High batch consistency and low defect rate.

Build excellence together, helping customers achieve technological innovation of Charger stand on Wall Street

TOPSFLO has been actively fulfilling customer orders after the two parties have reached a cooperative relationship. In February 2020, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, our company actively coordinated materials, rationally arranged production plans, and further optimized the operation and management process of the production line, realizing the rapid resumption of production after the epidemic, minimizing the negative impact of market changes, and committed to providing customers with the best quality products and services.

In early 2021, T company was excited to share a good news with TOPSFLO—— the outstanding quality and consistent performance of TOPSFLO's water pump provided a maximum power support for the cooling circulation system in their new Charger, which provided a solid support to build a safer, smarter and faster Charger.

Looking back on our cooperation with customers, these cases have gone far beyond the significance of technology, economy and business for TOPSFLO. They bring us a great sense of achievement, but also strengthen our confidence to achieve technological innovation and breakthrough and create excellence together with our customers. In the future, TOPSFLO will continue to stand firm in supporting fields such as home appliances, medical care and industry, which have higher requirements for quality, and help more high-quality brand enterprises to achieve excellence.