TOPSFLO car preheating pump plays key role again in giving strong boost to military enterprises


Recently, TOPSFLO sales engineer Irina, won recognition from the domestic automobile manufacturing company“W“, for TOPSFLO’s high quality water pumps. After mutual R&D teams conducted in-depth exchanges on the water pump technology solutions for the winter car cold-start circulation, a large batch order of car preheater water pump was placed to TOPSFLO again.

Looking back mutual cooperation, high quality has always been the first demand of W client. As a leading domestic automobile parts manufacturer, W enterprise used German high-quality pumps before, but its end-user, military enterprises hope to use Chinese-made auto parts in the context of the rapid development of domestic industries. Facing the uneven pump quality locally, W enterprise still has not given up on the pursuit of high quality. In response to the needs of military enterprises, they decisively purchased automotive electronic water pumps from well-known manufacturers in China. In order to ensure the preheating efficiency and improve the quality of the car, the 1st round of quality testing between domestic and German pumps, was conducted in the laboratory, then passed pumps were selected. After that, they quickly organized a R&D team to take them to the plateau at 4800m altitude for actual performance testing.

After two rounds of rigorous testing, W enterprise finally chose TOPSFLO TA50 automotive electronic water pump, and feedback: TA50 pump has the lowest temperature rise, the highest performance, and the most comparable performance to German pump. In addition, TA50 water pump has the following obvious advantages in supporting needs of car preheating industry:

Wide temperature range -45°C~125°C
Even in harsh environmental conditions, such as low temperature -45°C, TA50 car pump can still work normally, helping car can start quickly in extreme environments.

A special electronic scheme design is adopted to realize a specific wide voltage operation, so that TA50 automotive electronic pump is not affected by the high peak voltage of the automotive power supply.

High-efficiency and stable batch consistency.
After many practical tests on the pump lifetime, parameters, low-temperature starting speed, and stability during continuous operation, etc. , TA50 pump performance maintains a stable output on the snowy plateau.

TOPSFLO is one of the very few companies in the domestic miniature brushless DC pump industry that has obtained the international authority TÜV Rheinland’s IATF 16949 quality system certification. Under the guidance of the quality system for a long time, TOPSFLO has achieved stricter control of product quality. Especially in research and development, the entire process strictly implements the highest standard of IATF 16949 in the automotive industry.

TOPSFLO owns a rigorous team of automotive electronics design experts and a complete development system. Besides, TOPSFLO Introduces a large number of international advanced equipment, and they can be simulated to tailor new development needs for customers and achieve efficient & accurate development.

TOPSFLO has four professional and precision laboratories that meet the national CNAS standards to guarantee the full verification of water pumps. We perform reliability verification that is stricter than the industry standard, such as the thermal shock test, high temperature lifetime test, extreme temperature rise test, water hammer impact test, on/off test, etc.

High standards create high performance and high quality. As a leading industry expert in water pump technology solutions, TOPSFLO has been serving high-end automobile preheater manufacturers at home and abroad for a long time, and always requires itself in accordance with high international standards. The rigorous selection process of W company on water pump suppliers is a powerful verification of TOPSFLO micro water pumps’ reliability. In the future, TOPSFLO will continue to make efforts in the development and production of car preheater water pumps, so that cold starting of cars in winter is no longer a problem, helping cars to warm up and providing consumers with a warm&soothing winter driving environment.