Continuing to improve TOPSFLO and internationally renowned maternal and child companies to protect babies' breathing health


In late July, a representative of an internationally renowned maternal and infant company from the Dalian plant successfully completed a new round of visits to TOPSFLO pump industry. As the partner of TOPSFLO for 6 years, this visit, the customer not only brought the good news once again that his Nasal Aspirator using our TM40 diaphragm pump has won unanimous praise from users in the market, but also satisfied with our company optimization of the internal structure of the pump and related test data after conducting in-depth discussions and testing with our R&D personnel on part of the pump's performance. He immediately decided to increase the order volume of 2-4K per month on the basis of the original order from August 2021.
12v 24v micro baby Nasal Aspirators vacuum pump
As a leading enterprise in the international maternal and infant industry, the customer has been adhering to its original intention for many years, committed to producing maternal and infant products that protect the growth of babies and make them feel at ease to use.The customer continues to improve in the industry to become an industry benchmark. Since 2015 , Topsflo has been mass producing customized DC vacuum pumps for the customer in the maternal and infant industry, which are used in the nasal aspirator equipment for infants. Due to the particularity of the users, the customer has extremely strict standards in terms of product quality and product performance, and has a set of standardized and standard procedures for controlling the production of parts suppliers.Over the years, as a supplier of diaphragm air pumps, the core component of the nasal aspirator, our company has actively solved technical problems for the customer and actively cooperated with customer’s production cycles to deliver orders.

Optimize noise reduction, TOPSFLO Pump industry helps Nasal Aspirators to realize new breakthrough in lower noise.
Recently, by optimizing the internal structure of the product, our R & D engineers have been working day and night, constantly experimenting and correcting,and finally achieved a major breakthrough in the noise problem of the pump, and provided the customer with noise reduction solutions that exceeded expectations.The optimized micro-diaphragm pump TM40 can reduce load noise by 10~15dB during operation,which has achieved a milestone breakthrough in the domestic micro diaphragm pump industry, and the noise value is far better than the average level in the industry.This important breakthrough has greatly improved the core competitiveness of the customer's nasal aspirators in the industry, and has been greatly affirmed by their customers!
In fact, since the beginning of cooperation, our company has had a deep insight into the customer's hidden needs, actively understood the overall design ideas of the customer's products, and after continuous research and development and testing, submitted satisfactory noise solutions for the customer to protect the respiratory health of infants and young children. And in stable and continuous cooperation, we are constantly upgrading and updating the pumps according to the customer’s products upgraded, so as to match the higher market demand with our high quality pumps.

Perfect delivery management to ensure the orderly production of customers
On the issue of order delivery, our company has established a sound and complete delivery management system, with a detailed production outline and production process supported by information software as the overall framework to ensure safe production, orderly production, and improve production efficiency; and The procurement department guarantees the high-standard procurement of core components, ensuring the high quality and safe inventory of component. At the same time, it can effectively avoid the problem of delayed delivery due to insufficient supply of core components in the industry, and ensuring the timely delivery of every customer order. This is also the key for us to gain 6 years of continuous cooperation and partnership-like trust from customers in the maternal and infant industry.
Especially during the 2020 epidemic period, as the cost of materials and shipping delivery continue to rise, and the pressure on both sides has doubled. Our customers actively proposed to place orders for materials with long delivery periods to us in advance, and our company has also implemented sound delivery management. Supported by the system, the company worked together to overcome various difficulties. Not only did the company prepare materials in advance for customers six weeks before the epidemic, and eased the impact of changes in the market environment, it also vigorously upgraded the automation of production lines, and completed the agreement with customers in a timely manner with quality and quantity. The delivery of orders with a delivery date of 6 weeks guarantees the orderly progress of the customer’s production work.

Work together for 6 years, be grateful for guidance, and work hard together
During the 6-year cooperation, customers have visited our company many times for factory inspections and technical exchanges. As a medical enterprise that stands at the forefront of the international maternal and infant industry and uses special products, the customer attaches great importance to the supplier's production environment and has been testing suppliers with the highest standards of Japanese-funded enterprises. In many visits, customers have affirmed our clean production environment and sound visual management, and based on our company’s pursuit of high international standards, customers even used the high quality accumulated by their Japanese head office in the management share the concept with us, so that our company will continue to improve under the guidance of high-standard customers around the world.
Just as the customer said: "We are not only an ordinary cooperative relationship, but also a strategic partner. Only by supporting each other can we grow together and achieve each other." 6 years of cooperation allows us to bear the wind and rain and achieve each other's achievements. The relationship between suppliers has grown into a strategic partnership that can support and trust each other. The case of reaching mutual support with customers and long-term stable cooperation is not an exception in TOPSFLO. TOPSFLO advancement in R&D technology, production technology, quality control, delivery management, service guarantee, etc. also allows us to improve our confidence to bring more stable and sincere quality services to more customers.